Websites of Interest

With so many Restoration organizations, and overlapping events, it can be challenging to find Branches and information. Here we share two independent websites where you can either advertise your Branch and Restoration organization and activities, or locate other groups to obtain information.

This website ( serves as a centralized location for Restoration Branches, Groups, & Organizations to share events and information with their members across the Restoration.  This website is the cooperative effort of a variety of Restoration entities, including branches from the CRE, JCRB, Restoration Church of Jesus Christ, and numerous other independent Branches & groups.

It includes a shared calendar, verified Branch listing, and shared camp and reunion calendar.







This website ( provides a list of:

  • Restoration organizations (ministries, bookstores, schools, campgrounds);
  • Scripture links;
  • Restoration Periodicals (magazines);
  • Podcasts, Blogs and Video Logs;
  • Study websites; and
  • Music websites.