Saints Entreated to Deeper Response

When Enoch was empowered by God to see the works of man and “their wickedness, and their misery” he wept “and stretched forth his arms, and his heart swelled wide as eternity, and his bowels yearned, and all eternity shook” (Genesis 7:48). Enoch viewed this from the perspective of God and his vision, by faith, grew to see the coming of the Son of Man and eventually Zion returning to the earth in fulfillment of God’s covenant promises.

We know that Zion cannot be built up unless it is by the principles of the law of the celestial kingdom, otherwise God cannot receive her unto Himself (D&C 102:2c). We not only want to be received of God, but to see others received of Him.

The Quorum of Restoration Apostles admonish the Saints to humble themselves before God, repent of their sins and submit their wills to the will of God. There is a clear impress of the Spirit of God that too many of his people are so steeped in the traditions of their fathers that God cannot lead them any further to Zion. It is not that the Lord is unwilling or unable, but that in many cases our faith is feeble because we will not feast on his word. Many are trapped within their own preconceptions of what ought to be and are mired in their own wisdom.

The Quorum of Restoration Elders encourages you to move forward toward the cause of Zion by working to follow the direction we have already received (i.e., preparing a place of refuge for those who may come in the last days as well as showing a willingness to sacrifice to meet the requirements of God).

The voices of the prophets speak from the pages of scripture to admonish us to get out of Babylon and be not partakers of her ways; to remember that all of the law is founded upon the edict to love God and our neighbors wholly, and perfectly. This law in not meant to confine us, but to liberate us as members of God’s family, ennobling us with the same loving kindness that has been extended to us.
We have entered into a relationship with God who has offered his best servant and son to speak for our shortcomings. Are you willing to press into the scriptures, and dig deep to separate yourself from those traditions, the mire, which ensnares mankind as one staggering with drunkenness, unable to progress toward God’s city of holiness? Now is the time. Where you stand is the place. Let us hasten to pick up our walking sticks, and walk like Jesus walks. Let us strive in our branches, in our homes, and in our meditations to hear what God asks of us, and fortify ourselves to make the changes that will lead us to be a holy people in Zion.