Becoming a Woman of God

Women are busy. In every culture of the world, they are most often the glue that holds a family together. They are wife, manager of household tasks (cooking, cleaning, laundering, shopping, budgeting, planning, taxiing), mother, disciplinarian, comforter, teacher, support to others, and… exhausted. Is it any wonder that throughout scripture Jesus sought them out while they worked?

Women seem to have in their gender-specific DNA the ability to multi-task. Because they can, and because their hearts and intuition lead them to be responsive, they step up and “do”. In the bridegroom/bride scenario of scripture, the Son is to be presented a Bride who mirrors the countenance of God; who is a blessing because she is fit (faithful; productive with good works) for the Kingdom she will preside over in union with her husbandman King. But are we fit? Are we prepared?

The Restoration Women’s Committee has developed a series of studies to help you walk into the Word (scripture) and walk out a woman changed to be like God. Our committee is comprised of women who are students of scripture as well as mothers, wives of priesthood, daughters and desirous to see the women of God’s family grow in their relationship and response to God. Our Studies are now available online (in PDF). They are suitable for use by individuals or groups. Revised in 2019, we hope you will browse our overview and site for lessons that speak to your desires as women of God!

To learn more about activities and contact persons for this committee visit the RWM web page.