Light Needed: How Bright Will You Shine?

     The challenge before the Saints to establish the cause of Zion remains before us. We have been admonished to pour ALL of our vigour into that cause, and to put off all activities that do not lend themselves to the establishment of Zion.
     It is yet day while a work can be performed. Dig in, dear Saints. Have courage in sharing the Book of Mormon and its message, that an opportunity to believe may be stretched out before many; for the God of Israel desires that none be lost.
     Strengthen your relationships on every front; with the God of Israel, with your family members and friends, and with those who know not God.
     Endeavour wholeheartedly to quiet all words of complaint and criticism. Seek instead to build up others; to invite blessing upon their lives. Be not weary of imparting kindness and generosity to others in whatever circumstances you find them.
     THIS is the day. Seize it! For you are the Lord’s champions sent to bring light to the world. Remember – He is with you in this cause. He sent you, and He sends you forth in His strength.