A Letter from the Member’s Quorum

Dear Saints,

We all fall short of the mark; all have traits and tendencies that either recommend us, or are convicting. Mankind’s tendency is to show the world our best self, but when we close the doors and retreat into our private homes we can find it easy to “let down” and relax on the hard work to be continually striving. Many words and actions happen there that would offend Yehovah (Yah). This is why we need to visit one another, pray for one another, and strive to lift one another from the mire that may at times have caught us up.

Did not the Messiah come to those in need of a physician? Does not the shepherd go after the one; the lost? We are all at times in need of others to help lift us to walk in our gifts and strengths. We need the best that each of us were given by our Creator to be manifest among us, and therefore should be compelled to prayer and fasting for those who stray from beneath the protection of Yehovah’s grace.

Let us be willing to not only call one another to repent but help one another desire it. Let us follow after the example of the one whom Yehovah sent, and seek to be a blessing to one another, that the whole of us be strengthened/healed from our short-comings and iniquities. Let us move forward and demonstrate grace in our words; willing to pray for and abide the struggles of one another with a knowledge that each are precious to Yehovah; each have a work to do that brings light to others and to Yehovah’s kingdom.

The 2023 General Conference included a call to repent and remember. Those impressed to guide us in considering the words of Doctrine & Covenants 83:8 reminded us of the profound blessings that await those who will remember with sincerity what we are pledged to be faithful to. I would encourage you to join with your brothers and sisters of Christ’s church, to find your words and use your voice to testify of the truth of the Book of Mormon and its message for the House of Israel and all her remnants.

Many in the world, even now, are experiencing discomfort with increasing wickedness on the earth. Fear not this thing. As evil rises in the earth, we are promised so also will righteousness. The inward parts of those created by Yehovah’s breath and in His image will be drawn to Him if they can simply be shown the way. Therefore, be that light and illuminate that way. Look to Christ’s teachings; learn them, live them, and allow the Lord to work in how you reveal who He is. Be not discomforted by missteps or past failings – but move out with the same invitation of mercy and loving regard for others that Jesus demonstrated in His earthly ministry.

Remember, the success or failure of this work belongs to Yehovah; therefore mind your own business and be valiant with the truth until Israel’s House be reclaimed.

A Sister in Christ,