#7 The Persecution of Parvez: seek the lost sheep & take care of the house

(Editor’s Note: The purpose of sharing Parvez’s letters, is to show how Christians are persecuted, really persecuted, in countries where “Freedom of Religion” is non-existent. This letter from Parvez, however, speaks to something that should never happen in churches, but is all too common. Parvez, speaks of a situation he thinks is rare. In this particular case, he tried to do something about it and was disappointed at his lack of success and the loss of fellowship of a brother. We should recognize, that for many different reasons, this happens in our own Restoration groups and branches. We should heed Parvez’s good counsel to bring ministry that will prevent our brothers and sisters from becoming lost sheep.)

Dear Apostle, 

The brothers who are strong in faith should take care of the brothers who are weaker. One of our brothers had done a little mistake in Church and it could (should) be forgiven. But the pastor did not forgive him, but instead criticized him in more hard way.  The result was that the brother left the church. When I met with him he would not agree to go back to church and he asked,  “Is this your church standard and your leaders?” I could not answer that question for my pastor. In coming days that brother’s family also stop coming and are now completely cut off from church.

That brother is my friend and I feel bad for him and I feel bad that I cannot help him. I cannot apologize for my pastor, as it has no meaning coming from me. Of course he could go to the pastor, and try to have the situation corrected, but I say, brothers who are strong in the faith, especially those in priestly office, such as the pastor, should take the lead. When he noticed the man and his family not coming to church he should want to find out why and he should want to help the man and his family find their way back to church. I learned a lesson that if some brother or sister or son or daughter are hurt emotionally, brethren who are called as priesthood should give them comfort and try to heal the wound. Men who have priesthood duties, such as a pastor, means they have authority from God and with that authority it comes with responsibilities as well. it is the responsibility of the pastor to provide help to needy persons, as representing our heavenly Father. If the wound is more deep, maybe it is too late, but maybe we should work harder. I should have done more to help that brother at that time, but maybe now it is late. I hope the Lord forgives me for my mistakes, but my promise is not to leave brother in pain or need. I should help on time. As Jesus teaches us to go for the lost sheep.

I prayed to heavenly father about church here and for all brothers and sisters  situation here and all over the world. I want to share with you in my words and you might agree me or not, it is your right. But I would say in a way that if there is a house and it has different rooms and we are suppose to clean the house, then for cleaning the house, we have to go to all rooms to clean them all.  Without going there, the rooms cannot be cleaned and will remain cluttered or dirty and will not be able to be used as they are designed. 

There are 4 points, (4 rooms), that churches need to take care of to progress, as I read the history of progress of churches;  

1- spiritual strength 

2- social strength

3- financial  strength

4- political strength 

Spiritual strength is the base, or foundation of the church. Financial strength, as Isaac digged a well for business. Social strength is kind of missionary work to meet people and know them because a good Shepard knows his sheep. Political strength is like David, who was a political figure as King of the nation. I think churches should focus on all factors, or they cannot function effective. 

May the Lord help you in these hard times of life. I want to tell you I have searched an answer for a question.  And the question is; Who loves me the most? Many people have many answers and I found out that God the Father loves me more than anyone else loves me. How? Here I found the answer in the Old Testament.

“Can a woman forget her sucking child, that she should not have compassion on the son of her womb? Yea, they may forget, yet will I not forget thee.” 

“Behold, I have graven thee upon the palms of my hands; thy walls are continually before me.” Isaiah 49:15-16 KJV Amen!

“For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.” John 3:16 KJV Amen! 

Our worldly relations love us with many conditions, but not our Heavenly Father.  He knows us before our birth and after our death. Relations of the world do not know us before our birth and they forget us day by day, after our death. So that is why it is a first commandment to love thy God with all of your power and strength.  But  people love their job’s, their money, property, relationships, gold, silver, and all worldly things. The world needs to repent and follow, as Jesus Christ taught.  

    1 – Love God with all your might, strength and heart.

    2 – Love your neighbor as you love yourself.  

These two teachings can change your life. In today’s world everyone wants to be better and safer then every other person.  Countries do that!  Companies do that! Societies do that! This is not loving your neighbor. It is hating them. That is what satan is teaching.  The world will suffer because the scriptures teach us the labor of sin is death.  

Now Covid-19 is here and people do not understand it . In the whole world, the  doctors are failing.  Doctors cannot stop the wrath of God. The sins of the world brought it. Same gender marriage. No modesty in relationships. No moral cleansing.  Murders. Fornication. All kinds of sin the world has committed.  And the scriptures teach us there will be reaping of what we sow. 

Some people think it is not fair. I say hold on. There is a thing called “the law” and every country in the world has laws and we follow the world’s laws. What about the laws of God? He who is above all kings and rulers. He has a law for His kingdom, but no one wants to follow, or even listen.  

The world is so scared of Covid-19, but they do not fear God. The world must know the power of God, but they focus more on their own desires and their own knowledge, which is worthless. We all need to understand and teach that our Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ are everything we need to know and follow. 

That is why I love the scriptures because there I find guidance and inspiration from our Father in heaven.  

I want to say one last thing. In the end, every one will leave us because of our problems,  our poor conditions or Covid-19, but God will never leave us alone. Amen