#6 The Persecution of Parvez: the Pandemic challenges us!

Dear Apostle ! 

Blessings upon you and family.  Today I want to share some worldly things according to the situation because of Coronavirus here in my country.  The place where we live is a Christian  “slum”. People are working as daily wages and from the whole country, very very few people work for the government. Government job people are still getting salaries from the government, but daily wages people are sitting home .  Some People have  made their own  small  houses in slums but people like us even live as a rent house . 

           I do not know how people are paying rent and having food . There are a lot of NGO’S (Editor’s note: Non-Government Organizations, i.e. charitable organizations) working here, but I have not seen any Christian NGO helping Christians.  I am surprised to see many Muslim NGO’S are helping people even some Christians, but I do not see any Christian NGO or church coming in front and help. Like LDS church leaders even ask church members that why they are not paying tithing . Still people pay tithing but now at time of need. People ask this question we cannot stop a question but should give answer to question.  No church is coming out . May be churches are doing but I do not see any yet. I know this very very well that churches are not suppose to help people. But now people are looking every where for help . 

      Our government has not capacity to take care of every family.  I can see many people are going to face bad time. Look at me I and my wife working at our job since 2002 and the last two years in a foreign embassy, but we do not get any benefit as working with that embassy. I do not know but may be people who are permanent are getting their pay . But we are done.  Yes our bosses give us extra pay out of their own pocket, but that not going to last for long . Because we use to earn and spend now we are just going to spend not earn. 

       When ever I go out I see dozens of beggars running towards people so they can get help. This is just in a few weeks. I do not know what is going to happen if it stays some more months. I hope things will get better, but the complete lockdown has just been extended for 2 weeks again.  We all family are safe and healthy.  Kids are studying home and coloring books.  My youngest daughter saw in TV news one day about pandemic situation and she was worried. She had some bad dreams and she told me. I prayed for her and advised her to pray before sleep.  She did and one day in morning she woke up and told all of family that she did not see bad dreams anymore instead she saw Jesus telling her that nothing is going to happen to any of us and Jesus said that I am with you always.  We all felt very comforted  and blessed that Jesus is with my family and watching over us . 

In this very hard time, we have hope through Jesus. 

Today is Saturday and today in early morning some one knocked at our door. My son opened the door and I saw my mother coming in.  She wanted to see my kids and meet me and my wife as she stays at someone’s house. She gave me money because she wants me to buy her medicine. It makes me sad because I should buy her medicine with my earnings and it is my duty as a son. She also gave me money so I can buy groceries. my mother pays 50 percent of tithing from her earnings. She earns little but she gives to me as well and keeps for her medicine as well.  i am speachless to see how she manages.  She does not save anything. I see Bible with her all the time. She told me that she prays for my family everyday and she prays for the house release as well and because of that she cries everyday. Her eyes have more pain and she has no treatment except she puts medicine drops in her eyes. My hands are shaking and I have tears while writing this to you. Today I was thinking that where is my Lord he should comfort us.  I still believe he will listen. 

One more thing.  It was wonderful to  know the difference of LDS and Restoration Branches as in tithing and Temple work. Thank you for explaining the law!  i understand it now very well. When you mention about the Temple I wish I can see  Kirtland Temple in my life. The house of the Lord. I want to take some time to share about  one brother who is far from God. There is a brother who lives in our neighbourhood. He was doing drugs in the past, but he was put in recovery hospital and he is back in normal life now. He has small children, infants. I teach him yesterday about the basics of Jesus Christ. He was very happy and willing to learn more and invited me to his house and he wants me to teach his family as they never go to any church.  I was very surprised to know that he was so far from Jesus. Actually, pastors feel shame to teach these people  who have done drugs in past and this is heart breaking because they need Jesus the most . As Jesus said, “Come to me, all you that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.” I hope our Christian brothers and sisters will be educated in terms of scriptures and will know how much Heavenly Father loves them . Dear Apostle I testify you that Christian people need to know, because it is a precious work and duty of saints and servants of the Lord to help these people getting out of darkness. I know that it is our essential duty to save our brothers and sisters. I want to tell you that I  support you and sustain you. My love and prayers for you, your family, the Restoration Church, and the missionary work . Amen