#5 The Persecution of Parvez: FAITH VS FEAR!

For some days now the city streets have been blocked because of some Muslim religious people. One child died because they were not allowed to take him to the hospital. The government does not do anything against these religious extremists, especially because they target suspected Christian people. We stay away from them as much as we can because they can charge us in fake cases and we end up in prison. I do not know when this will end. I want to be the voice to stop this but I always watch my kids and wife and then I think if somethings happens with me what will happen to them. I am praying about it but i do not get an answer from my heavenly Father.  I pray to heavenly Father asking Him to show me a way where I can be a voice of Christians here. I hope this will happen one day. I pray the Lord will bring peace to His people one day. 

Thank you very much for your last correspondence. It touched my heart and soul. You are a special witness of Jesus Christ. The Spirit tells me that since the first time I talked to you. Yes please, as the Spirit guides you in regards to my letters, I just want to tell my message to the world. If I do not write to you for a long time, it means there is something wrong with me. I am ok if something happens to me and I will happily accept that because Jesus’ witnesses always face challenges by the world, but in eternal life they will be blessed. But if I am blessed in this life, I will serve more (longer) as Jesus’ servant. As I mentioned, I am just worried about my wife and kids. Otherwise I do not care about myself. Please, in the future, send me church landline number.  I will give it to my family and that will be just for an emergency because the only communication I have is via email, so just in case. The Spirit guides me that its safe to write to you and I am not afraid of anything.  I always remember; The Lord is my shepherd, why should I fear? I am just sad to know that still in the 21st century, Jesus’ message is not spread as it should be. We should adopt this message in our personal life and become a living Gospel. Today good words are just in books.  It is a challenge to adopt them, to wear them. People think they pray and their duty is over.  I think not. If we talk about spiritual food, daily prayer is like taking small portion of food.  Why not make a routine of taking the main course. Today mothers are worried about their kids. Have they eaten enough?  Do they have vitamins? Its time to worry about spiritual food which is found in the scriptures and in our prayer life. Why not study scriptures? It is the story of our forefathers as Adam was the first man and father of all, so our generation should know about our ancestors.  Sooner or later the Lord’s message will light all the world and I testify to you this is true. I am thankful to my Heavenly Father that I can speak in English. I am so blessed that I talk to you. I wish and pray that I can personally work with you and learn from you and give the rest of my life to the work. I testify that the Lord saves his people from all worries and I have been saved many times and I have seen His hand working in my life. I cannot do any bad thing. The Spirit turns me away from any unholy thing. Thats how my Father protects me and I take care  of my family that they should not do any sin. Sending a lot of love and blessings! 

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