Why The Book of Mormon?

Why? Put simply, it restores the fullness of the gospel of Jesus Christ to the earth. It testifies of Christ, as Messiah and that the record of the Jews (the Bible) is true.

As time progresses, we learn more about what occurred in mankind’s history to remove truths from a gospel that came forth in purity. Mankind, for all their intentions both bad and good, lost sight of the gospel established through Jesus Christ. Like a message that’s whispered from ear to ear, the clarity of those first words spoken became muddied with time. A gospel that was intended to provide mankind with a true aim and a raised hope in God’s chosen Messiah, became devoid of enough truth to lead man astray.

The Book of Mormon is a record of people God led away from Jerusalem in order to preserve a righteous posterity unto himself. Precious and sacred writings from their records were engraved on metal plates and collected by a man named Mormon, to come forth at a time when they would be needed upon the earth.  Mormon did as God commanded, and directed his own son, Moroni, to see that they were preserved and brought forth out of the earth. Were it not for Mormon, Moroni and a young Joseph Smith, Jr. who agreed to translate these records when God asked him to, we might not have those words today.

Why the Book of Mormon? To restore a knowledge of the covenants of God to those whom they were intended; to call humankind to accept the salvation offered through Jesus Christ.  If you would like to learn more about this exciting record and be instructed more fully in its teachings, contact us!