Remembering Carl Cederstrom

Bishop Carl Cederstrom died in February, 2020 at the age of 94. He is remembered fondly by all who were privileged to know him.

Brother Carl was unequivocally kind, generous and wise. He joyfully served as Bishop for the Conference of Branches from its inception. Carl had previously served in the Navy, as a Kansas City city planner, and as an appointee and Bishop in the RLDS church before offering to serve as Bishop for the Conference. His love for the Saints was sure, and he demonstrated his love for God and the gospel over and over in the decisions he made for the welfare of Saints invested in the efforts of the Conference and beyond.

This servant of Jesus Christ will be missed and happily remembered.

Brothers Deal Falconer and Carl Cederstrom ordaining Bob Giertz to the office of High Priest
Brothers Rob Rolfe and Carl Cederstrom at the 2015 US National Conference