Book of Mormon Briefs

New Video Series hosted by Patrick McKay

The Book of Mormon, that ancient record that preserved many of the plain and precious parts of Christ’s gospel (good news), tells us much.  It records the word of Christ, of angels, prophets, kings, and of simple men responding to the instruction of their fathers. In it, we are told the Gentiles (seed of mixed nations) will be blessed to help fulfill an end-time purpose planned by the God of Israel, Yehovah.

Nephi is told by an angel that IF the Gentiles repent, they can be counted as the covenant people of God and led to peace and eternal life – inheriting a land choice above all others. They are told also that if they “harden their hearts” (hear without responding/doing) they will be brought down into temporal and spiritual captivity and swept from the land. The mandates (deed restrictions) upon the promised land apply equally to both Gentile and Jew (Abraham/Isaac/Jacob’s posterity) who possess this land whom the Lord is preserving for a righteous people – a people willing to walk in right relationship with Yehovah.

The Book of Mormon invites those of us first to come into the truth to be the nursing mothers and fathers that labor to reclaim the offspring of God’s ancient covenant people, the Lamanites (& Nephites), who through the wandering of their forefathers were kept from a knowledge of the truth; the fullness of the gospel.

In Patrick’s new video series, Book of Mormon Briefs, we invite you to receive in approximately three-minute insights about the covenants Yehovah has made with mankind. Find Patrick’s first postings here, where you can subscribe to receive notifications about future postings: