Youth Media Corps

Our Mission

To develop media projects which enhance the mission and message of Jesus Christ and prophets of the Restoration.


Our first project was known as "the box video." Under the direction of Holly McLean, and using Jessie Funk's inspiring song, "New Jerusalem," we sounded the call to "awaken Zion."

For those who "would be"... Zion

New Jerusalem

Song by Jessie Funk
(Used by Permission)

Where are the warriors - the lion-hearted?
They're fast asleep, yet slumber keeps the truth concealed.
So open up your eyes, and see the waters parted.
Let the Gospel of the Lamb in all its fullness be revealed.

Oh, New Jerusalem, rise up and gather in.
Moroni blow your horn, awaken Zion!
Upon the Mountain tops, cry to all nations.
Heaven is now at hand, oh New Jerusalem...

Scripture Lesson: "Be Instant in Season" (II Timothy 4:1-2)