Restoration Women’s Ministries (RWM)

Our Mission

Working toward the Kingdom with a focus on Service, Education and Mentoring for women of all ages...

Examples of Committee Contributions

  • Leadership during Conference Women's Quorums
  • Hosting of General Conference Women's Banquets
  • Hosting of Magazine Column in The Beacon
  • Hosting of Widow's Facebook page
  • Teaching at Kenyan Women's Retreat
  • Teaching at Cross Timbers' Branch Women's Retreat
  • Teaching in Partnership with Traveling Elders in Africa
  • Development of Study Materials for Women
  • Teaching when requested (recently at Gospel Park)

Face-to-Face Ministry, Mentoring and Sharing

Women of this committee are willing to travel and bring ministry around the world. To date, they have been requested in Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania, Uganda, and the United States of America. If you are interested in having them bring ministry where you live, messages can be emailed to rwm or delivered through our Contact page.

RWM Committee Members

MemberRoleFromTerm Expires
Betty VickeryPresidentMissouri/USA2024
Ijeoma AgbaraAbuja/Nigeria2024
Julie CaldwellMissouri/USA2024
Jen SimmonsMissouri/USA2025
Karen BatesTreasurerMissouri/USA2025
Rita WoolerySecretaryMissouri/USA2025

Study Materials

The Restoration Women's Studies are now available online (in PDF). They are suitable for use by individuals or groups. Revised in 2019, they are intended to encourage study and reflection suitable for inviting a change of heart and action in women throughout the world. We hope you will browse our overview or website for lessons that speak to your desires as women of God!

We would love to include photos of your Branch and area women's activities in our slide show! They can be emailed to us, along with a description of the event, the name of the nation, and the approximate dates they were taken to webmaster