Revelation (Delivered April, 2017)

Given to the Saints of the 2017 General Conference

Listen to the voice of Him whom you know as God, the Eternal Father. I am pleased when my creation honors me by acknowledging me as God.

It pleases me when the children of men honor me as God according to their understanding. Yet, it is even more pleasing to me when my children, those who have entered the church of my Beloved Son by the laws which He has established, come before me in spirit and in truth. I honor my Beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased, because of His Atonement—the covenant He has made with me which brings all mankind back into my presence. I have given Him a name which is above every other name. And I have given Him all power in this heaven and earth.  And I call upon all men in the name of my Son. Therefore, hear the voice of my Son:

I am Jesus Christ, the Only Begotten of the Father.  As the Father honors me, I honor all those who believe on my name. Remember, all movements toward Zion and the gathering and temporalities connected therewith are within my law. I have called upon all those in my church to organize themselves. And I have given them patterns to follow that all things may be done in order. There are portions of my church that you are not yet aware of. My Father has led away many groups from among the tribes of Israel and scattered them throughout the earth. I have raised up my church among those groups and given them keys and patterns of organization to follow, just as I have given unto you. It is within my purpose to eventually gather all those groups together. Each of those groups has a different role to perform in that great gathering.

I am calling on you to put away from yourselves those prideful traditions which have arisen among you which cause you to believe you are the only true members of my church.  Even so, beware of counterfeits raised up by men and devils which bypass all the requirements of my law by which men authoritatively enter my church. I have not changed, nor have I changed my law.  All things must be done in order and by the keys and the patterns which I have given.

I am giving you a specific office work to perform in this great gathering. That work will require repentance, a greater openness to my Spirit and a greater adherence to the provisions of my law which I have caused to be written and presented to this portion of my church since 1828.  In recent years I have given you directions to follow that will bring you out of erroneous traditions and into the office work which I require of you. Continue in those directions and the blessings which have come anticipating that you will more fully understand those directions as you implement them in days to come. You need have no fear because of events occurring in the world around you if you will heed my word to you.

I have not forsaken you.  Look to me in all things that you may have that peace in your souls that can only come by my Spirit.  Amen.

Shared by Patriarch Jerry Vickery