Revelation (Delivered October, 2016)

Given to the Saints of the 2016 U.S. National Conference

The Word of the Lord given to My servant, Neil Simmons, as he traveled in prayer in the desert, saying cry out to this people and say unto them…

Thus saith the Lord God—

Have I not been faithful to this people? Yes, for they have received many divinely bestowed gifts. The blessings of heaven have been given to this people so that they could live in freedom and with plenty. Do they not enjoy their prosperity, that which was promised to Joseph’s land? Yet my gifts to the people of this land do not bring humility and reverence before God, but rather this people is lifted up in pride above all the nations of the earth because of the fruitful land and the blessings of God which they presume to be the result of their own labors.

Did I not part the darkness as I revealed the fullness of my gospel to them, and restored to them authoritative priesthood? Is not the promise, known as the Everlasting Covenant, offered again to this people, and have I not kept my covenant to give the Holy Spirit as their Comforter? Indeed, I have loved this people and I have given my life for them that they might have eternal life in the Kingdom of my Father. I have chosen to carry their sins and infirmities in my own body so that I could suffer their pain and their anguish instead of requiring justice at their hand for their many transgressions. It has pleased me to give mercy to those whom I love.

But this people have not become my people. They do not love me, and their hearts are turned away from me. Rather, they love contentions, murmurings and jarrings. They practice backbiting and gossip. They neither love one another nor the God they profess to serve. They make a mockery of their professed servitude in their priesthood and in their church membership. They hear the words of the prophet saying “Let Contention Cease,” but make of that very commandment the occasion for contentious castigation of one another. They know that if they are not one, they cannot be mine, but they continue to divide and separate from one another.

This people has no love for me, the Lord their God, but they vaunt themselves in arrogance against me because they live in the land of promise and believe that no evil shall ever befall them. They have other gods, of pleasure and power and pride. They murmur their devotion to me on the day of worship, but continue their daily idolatry because it is comfortable for them. They practice their secret iniquities in the darkness of their homes and believe that they have hidden their sins, but I know them, for I see them, and I mourn and weep over them just as I did over Jerusalem before the terrible day of destruction came upon them. Whomsoever receives this word, let him who hears understand.

Have I not sent to you my scriptures? Have I not given you my prophets of old and did they not send forth my words for your edification? Yet they have been esteemed as nothing. This people did not teach their children my words, nor of my covenants of promises and blessings. This people did not learn to study the scripture that was sent out of the earth to be a blessing for their age. Their failure to take seriously this scripture makes mockery of my servants of old, who labored mightily so that this people would have the gift of their history, and the gift of my words and my mighty acts among them. Nevertheless, the engraved words are esteemed not at all, and thus this people languish in darkness wondering what has happened to deprive them of their comforts in the church.

Therefore, know this: another cannot hold the ‘rod of iron’ for you, and those who put their trust in another to know my scripture are become empty, even as cisterns dry and filled with dead things. For them there is no fountain of wisdom, no living water in their empty and broken cisterns. For them there is no source for spiritual growth. But for those who do hold fast to the ‘rod of iron,’ they receive expanding reservoirs of wisdom and spiritual knowledge. Yet this indolent people have consistently relied upon others to know my word, my doctrine and my ordinances, so that even now the mists of darkness surround them and too often they and their children are lost.

Many of you are aggrieved by the loss of a recognized head of my church. But you fail to recognize me as the head of my church. I am the head of the body. I truly have the power to lead my own church.

Those that bring true testimony of me have the Spirit of prophecy. They are chosen vessels to bring counsel to my people in my name, for my people hear and understand when it is my voice. Beware of church leaders who reject these prophetic counsels, for he who hears not these prophetic gifts, hears me not.

Truly I made with Joseph, the son of Joseph, a special covenant to be a blessing to my church and that covenant was extended to his seed. For Joseph III fulfilled the measure of his calling by clarifying the priesthood operations of the church, and I further honored Joseph (III), the son of Joseph, by recognizing the presidency of his sons. I offered to Wallace Bunnell Smith the covenant of his fathers, but he chose otherwise for himself and the posterity of his fathers; yet did I offer again to him, and yea a third time I sent to him my servants with my word. Nevertheless he has chosen not to invoke the special covenant given to Joseph, the son of Joseph, of blessing to my church. Wherefore, he remains in my hands.

Know and understand that I suffered fallen mankind to hammer these hands to the eternal cross so that my sacrifice could extend from the highest heaven to the lowest of the pit. My arms of love are stretched out, wide as eternity, for righteous justice cleaves in one hand, and endless mercy in the other. I always give to my servants their agency and their right to choose, therefore you, my people, must honor Wallace Bunnell Smith and his choice, even as I so honor him.

Not all my words are herein given for chastisement. My servants who travel and who testify righteously of my gospel please me and they shall be called blessed in the Kingdom of my Father.

I speak to my servant Fred Greene – I am well pleased with you and your devotion. Remember that when but a youth I caused my servant to speak prophetic counsel to you at ‘Sionito'? Remember that I gave promise that you would serve me and my people if you remained faithful. Because of your fidelity I have given you many blessings in your studies, in the labors of your daily life, in your family, and now at this crucial time you have honored me by withstanding the criticism of others and holding fast to my word. You have made possible great blessings to my children in this land and in foreign fields, afar from here in both time and place.

Many of my children are confused by the different voices counseling them at this time, and they wish to have guidance about whom they should reject and whose counsels they should accept. Therefore, I say unto them that in these matters my true servants are those who seek to bind up the wounds, and heal the divisions and bring unity to my children.

Those who reject both my children and my servants by erecting barriers in their branches and conferences are not of me and do not act for me, but for the adversary. He delights in the contentions within my priesthood and my church.

Therefore, take heed, for I shall not suffer those who continue to divide the members, and those who undermine the ministry of the priesthood, to continue to do so; those efforts shall come to an end. They who persist in their efforts to establish themselves as the only keepers of the truth shall have it revealed whom they truly serve and their true allegiances shall be known.

I command those who have permitted themselves to divide the work (as they piously proclaimed that their sole desire is to defend me), to repent, and to serve my children with humility. Honor their decisions in conference, as I honor them; and give unto them the rights I have given you, to have their own agency, and to exercise it to follow my guidance as they have the light and understanding to so do.

I call upon all my followers to be doers, and not just hearers of the word. Those who go forth to do my will within the general framework of the laws of the gospel have my blessing. Those who choose to delay and to defy the choices of my children are not blessed and must repent or be lost to my work. Those who persist in their defiance against my children become a stench in the Kingdom of God.

Let those who go forth to teach my gospel, remember that the gospel they teach is not their own doctrine but rather it is the doctrine of the Father. They must not choose to leave out ordinances, or to avoid the clear testimony of the Restoration of these last days. Be very careful to teach all the ordinances, laws, counsels, and stewardship responsibilities that have been given to you as ambassadors of the Kingdom; bearing witness of all my word.

There are many who live in lands and places yet unknown to you, but I know them, and I am calling them to take part in the building up of Zion and the establishment of the New Jerusalem.  I have already been sending forth my Spirit to prepare them for their part in my church. Already you are seeing the evidence of my Father’s preparation for his people to be gathered into the Zion of the last day.

If this people shall continue to fail in their calling I have children in other lands who shall be blessed with the opportunity to establish my Zion of the last day. Do not suppose that I am constrained to work through the current members of my church who reside in the Center Place. If they choose not to be obedient to their stewardships, then they shall have no place in the coming Kingdom. Let those who have been slothful in their stewardship repent and fill my house with their tithes and offerings.

I shall reveal more of the ministries of the Bishop if my people demonstrate their stewardship response in their tithes and offerings. If not, then the work languishes until it passes from them to others. But my work shall not be frustrated by sloth.

I give counsel to my Patriarchs called in this time, for you are the Thunders of the Lord. The angel has already sounded his trump, long and loud in the hearing of mankind, declaring the restoration of the Gospel of the Kingdom and the calling forth of my church out of the wilderness; so also my Thunders shall utter their voices.

As recorded in the book of Revelation the thunders utter their voices before the end. They must declare the mighty acts of God unto the living for the Thunders shall be heard near and afar off. Therefore let their words be recorded and preserved, shared and declared, until they have finished their testimony.

Understand therefore, that when their testimony is finished you shall know the tempest is upon you and the storm of the last day has come. Thunder presages the storm, but when the storm is come there is no time then to listen or prepare. Let your preparations for place in my Kingdom begin earnestly now and do not procrastinate your redemption in my Kingdom. Honor my Patriarchs and provide so that their voices shall thunder through the world.

In my church there are always Apostles, who offer their testimony of me to the church and to the world. Some are called to serve in the Council of the Twelve, others in the Seventy, some in the office of Evangelist, and others are serving even now in their membership or through their various offices of the holy priesthood. Listen, for the true testimony of the Apostle is the power of the Holy Spirit bearing witness that the declaration of the messenger is faithfully revealing me to others.

Concerns about the presidency of my church are ill-advised at this time for I shall continue to give guidance as the head of the church. In due time more shall be revealed as my children give heed to my words. If they choose to reject my counsel they will not need further guidance for they shall have already chosen to wander off the path of life and into the mists of darkness.

I have chosen you, engraved each one in the scars of my body as I offered myself in sacrifice for your salvation in the Kingdom of my Father. You are my beloved, and precious to me beyond words. I liken my church to a bride who is to be wed to her husband, and myself as the husband.  I love my bride, and I ask – does the bride love me? I have given all of myself for my bride, but what does my bride give to me? Is it a contrite heart and the spirit of repentance? Or does contention yet rule?

This people cannot be righteously called my people until they have chosen to make me the Lord of their life.