Revelation (Delivered April, 2016)

Given to the Saints of the 2016 General Conference

Saints of the Restoration. You have been faithful to my words and now I shall be faithful to your needs and your prayers unto me as a body of my Saints. You have suffered much because of your faith and have striven to be obedient. For this you have been blessed in many ways known and unknown unto you. You have sought to do away with discontent and discord among your ranks and have diligently sought my blessings. Now I the Lord Jesus Christ as the head of my Church, shall enact the following to further the work of my church in establishing the cause of Zion:

It is now necessary that the office of Apostle be established among you. Therefore, the following men are called to the office of Apostle: Gary Whiting and Randy Vick. They are to be ordained to this office as soon as possible. Further it is my will that Gary Whiting become the President of the Twelve at this time. They shall meet with much prayer and fasting and shall be given the names of the other ten Apostles to be ordained in the future with the approval of the General Conference. Their authority shall be as described in previous revelations given to the church. When the Quorum is filled, the Presidency of the JCRB shall reside in the Twelve. This shall constitute the standing Presidency of the JCRB for the current time. These Apostles shall be charged with gathering all the scattered Saints into one body. This effort is to begin in this land and then reach out to the world. It is my will that all those who desire to be engaged in the marvelous work that is about to come forth be strengthened, united and prepared. Therefore, call my people to gather in repentance, faith and anticipation of the wonderful things which are to come to pass before you soon. For many prophecies are being fulfilled before your eyes that are warning you of coming events. Therefore my people must be prepared and united in faith and strength that they may overcome and be joyful witnesses before the world as my own. The Apostles are cautioned to not allow Presidential responsibilities to encumber or delay fulfilling this immediate need of my people saith the Lord.

In order to preserve the office of Evangelist/Patriarch in these crucial times and in response to the prayers of the Saints, the following men are called to the office of Evangelist /Patriarch: Neil Simmons, Jerry Vickery, Dan Sherer and Ronald Smith. These are to be ordained as soon as possible to their new office and calling in service to my people. They, along with the existing Evangelist/Patriarchs, are to meet often and confer together in much prayer and fasting. When they are prepared, I the Lord will sanctify them and grant unto them Spiritual power enabling them to bring to my people the evangelical pulpit ministry needed with vigor and power for this day and in preparation for those things which are shortly to come to pass. The names of additional men to be called to this office in good order and by approval of the General Conference shall be given later if they prove worthy. It is my desire that the ranks of the Evangelist/Patriarch be greatly increased in order to fulfill their calling for this time. For they are called to be Spiritual Fathers to my people and bring ministry that heals their spirit and reinvigorates their faith as well as reestablishes Zionic principles among them. I shall empower them to preach and prepare the  Saints, reviving and calling them to repentance as well as be a voice of warning unto them. The spirit of prophecy is inherent in this office and therefore, they must strive to continually be humble in order to retain and exercise this gift. If the Evangelist/Patriarchs are faithful, humble and obedient, they shall prepare my people by laying the foundation for my promised spiritual endowment. Therefore, congregations should increasingly utilize their evangelical preaching power more so now than ever before that my people may be blessed and prepared.

I call upon the High Priests of the church to repent and humble themselves before me saith the Lord. While some have rendered a pleasing service unto me, others have not productively engaged in the leadership of my church to the extent that they should. Some complain and criticize and attempt to undermine my work thus sowing the seeds of contention among my people. I command you therefore to turn away from sophistry and aggrandizement and cease from judgments and legalisms lest the Adversary gain control and the people of the church suffer. Remember, the servant is not greater than his master. Therefore, humble yourselves and after much repenting I shall bless you with a greater Spiritual power never before experienced by men in this office and calling, and shall confer upon you a greater work that is to be accomplished in this day by those holding this office.

I am well pleased with the efforts of the Seventy before me. Generally, you have proven worthy of your calling and my spirit has led you because of your faith and desire to serve me. Continue seeking out new vineyards through prayer and fasting where my gospel must be heard for many await hearing the words of their salvation. Be aware that the Adversary is loosed upon the world and there is much evil upon the face of the earth. Therefore, walk circumspectly in your work for my Kingdom. Let wisdom prevail in your travels through much prayer and I shall go before you and prepare the way for you. The Seventy must unite further in order to fully enjoy an increasing power of the Spirit in their ministry. Remove all contention from among you and forbid it to exist in your ranks. Support and serve one another in prayer
and brotherly love. Actively look for others who have been called to the work of the Seventy. There are many in this land and in foreign places whom I have given the seeds for this calling. Some have been called to bring the ministry of the Seventy to specific people such as the youth and young adults. Therefore seek them out and through much prayer I shall reveal them unto you. Go out specifically to those people in this land who need to hear my words calling them to repent and unite together in  preparation.

The Elders of the church have generally given an offering of faith and loyalty to the work which is pleasing unto me. They are to join with the Seventy in the work of calling and uniting my people as much as possible in order to more effectively utilize the efforts of the Seventy. Seek therefore to strengthen my congregations and reinvigorate their spirit and lift their faith unto me. For I am He who calleth them to make ready.

It is incumbent upon the Saints to render greater support to this effort entrusted to my priesthood and the work of my church. My commandments regarding stewardship have been given. Firstly, all those holding priesthood must obey the commandments regarding stewardship and tithing in order for them to receive the spiritual presence they desire in their ministry. My spirit will not abide fully where there is willful disobedience by my priesthood. Therefore repent, embrace and obey the laws of stewardship that your ministry may be approved. All my Saints must also obey the laws of stewardship given unto you. I have promised a great spiritual endowment to be given at a future time. I cannot give this gift until my Saints are more obedient to the laws of Stewardship given to you long ago. Therefore, bind up your testimony in your stewardship and I the Lord shall greatly reward your efforts. The Aaronic Priesthood should be encouraged and lifted up before the congregations of the church. They have not been utilized or nurtured as required by the Melchisedec Priesthood and consequently have become ineffective in their vital ministry to families, youth and young adults. Therefore, you are urged to utilize the Aaronic Priesthood in visiting all the families in your congregations teaching them to pray and study in their homes and also teaching the importance of their stewardship. The office of Priest is of great importance in the preparation of the church for the marvelous things which are about to come to pass in your midst. See that they are prayerfully lifted up and supported as required by me in order to fulfill the task laid out
before them. There are many young men in the church who are being prepared by my Spirit to serve in the Aaronic priesthood. Do not let their young years deter you from calling them to serve me at this time.

My children, the door has been opened unto you to rebuild my church among my people in spirit, in word and in truth. I have said before that if you keep not my commandments and esteem my words as naught, I shall raise another to accomplish the work whereunto you are called to perform in these latter days in preparation of my coming. Now, this charge is given unto you to seek to bring forth and establish the cause of Zion. If you do not respond to my calling at this time, then I shall raise up yet another. Remember, My work shall not be frustrated, only the work of men is frustrated. Therefore, strive to witness to others the renewed call to Zionic principles that they too might realize their calling in this work and my spirit shall witness the truth of it to them also. The doors should be open to all who desire to join you in this work, turn none away. For this is my will saith the Lord. Be not disheartened by your small numbers nor lose faith in the work because of the many divisions among my Saints at this time. Soon, if you are faithful to my words I shall perform a marvelous work among the children of men that shall turn their hearts away from division to a desire to be united as one body in faith and the joy of my Spirit shall be upon them and they shall see my promises being fulfilled before their eyes. Therefore, remain faithful and strengthen your love for one another and of Me, for such are My people. Amen

My testimony of these words:
These words have been given to me over a long period of time and through much prayer. Many of them were first impressed upon me at the end of the last General Conference in 2015. I was impressed greatly that the Lord had words to bring forth to the Conference but it was not yet time to do so. Then as we were driving home from Conference some of these words came to me. Again during the 2015 National Conference, additional words were given under the same spirit and since that time more and more have been received. I have had many sleepless nights pondering on these words as I was led to write them. Often I was awakened to write them in the early morning hours. My prayers have been for the Lord to assure that these words came from His throne and are for His people at this time. When I have prayed and fasted over them, additional words have come to be included. Hence this is a very long and inclusive revelation. I believe many parts of this revelation have been held back for several years until the Saints could prove they could meet together in peace and unity under the spirit of repentance. I believe the Lord has seen this come to pass over time and now gives what He has held back for us all to follow. His instructions are clear and complete for now. I believe there is more to be revealed if we humbly follow His directions and earnestly complete the tasks He had laid out before us all.

An additional witness of this revelation is given by a revelation of like nature received by Jerry Vickery in 2014. This revelation was given to me by Brother Vickery and I shared it with a few others in order pray and to determine how to proceed with it. After praying about it we all confirmed its authenticity as a revelation but collectively determined that it was not to be given to the conference as yet. The 2014 revelation called for Apostles and Evangelist/Patriarchs also. No names were given for Evangelist/Patriarch but three names were given to occupy the office of Apostle. I filed this document and did not read it again until last week. When I did read it, I was amazed to see that two of the men called to Apostle in this revelation were also called to the office of Apostle in the revelation given to Jerry Vickery in 2014. Additionally, brother Gary Whiting is called in both revelations as the President of the Apostles. I believe our Lord is working among His people to confirm His will so that we might understand it and in faith move forward to accomplish His work in these last critical days.

It is important to note that the Lord is preparing us all for something that is coming that will inspire us and perhaps also be a little frightening too. Hence the need for us all to unite, strengthen our faith and prepare. The organizational changes called for in this should not be of great concern to the Saints. The Lord desires for the Presidency to reside in the Twelve for the "current time." I understand that this will unite the Saints more as a body instead of being solely "independent branches." I understand the concerns this will raise. However, in reality we all are connected through Jesus Christ and He is the Head of His church. If we are His willing servants, then we cannot refuse being called to unify under Christ for the work coming before us all. It is my prayer that the Lord will confer upon the Conference the Spirit of truth in these words as He has myself and others.

Your Servant,
Fred Greene