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The Nature of Our Ministry as Patriarchs

A Patriarch serves as a father to the church. Just as a loving father intercedes with God on behalf of his children, a Patriarch petitions God for blessing and counsel in the lives of the Saints. The gift of revelation is inherent in the Patriarch's calling and allows him to hear from God, and express the hopes, counsel, blessing and earnest  the Lord desires to extend upon the life of the person who has requested blessing.

The Nature of Our Ministry as Evangelists

An Evangelist serves as a passionate spokesperson for the Kingdom of God. Tender in their appreciation for the worth of souls, it is their mission to proclaim, without reservation, the good news of the Gospel. The Evangelist's calling is to speak words of life; to nurture the hearts of the people with truth, and to demonstrate Christ-centered discipleship as a faithful and profitable servant of God.

What is a Patriarchal Blessing

This special ministry is established in the Biblical record when Jacob, also called Israel, asked his sons to receive the benediction of God through his calling as Patriarch of the family. Each received counsel, and each obtained God’s promised blessing. Similarly, Patriarchs in the Restoration are called to offer blessing over the family of God.

What a Patriarchal Blessing is:

The Patriarchal Blessing is a special ministry available through the Patriarchs of the Church of Jesus Christ. Usually only one blessing is given to a person in their lifetime, although special circumstances may call for a supplemental blessing.

Being “blessed” carries the idea of being happy. Jesus was saying, in the Beatitudes of the Sermon on the Mount, that those who live God’s way will experience a happiness that will be enduring. When one grows up spiritually there ought to be more concern with spiritual blessings, therefore, one should desire only those material benefits that permit one to carry out their specific spiritual stewardship. The Patriarch will ask the Lord to make available the gifts that will constitute a blessing for Eternal Life.

The Patriarchal Blessing can be a guide for one’s entire lifetime. Any one problem or question is to be seen in the light of this total picture. Often it is wise to solve any currently pressing problem before receiving one’s Blessing.

What a Patriarchal Blessing is not:

  • It is not a forecast for future life. It is not fortune telling.
  • It is not an answer to immediate problems.
  • It is not a report on one’s genealogy. A person’s identity within a Hebrew tribe may or may not be given. The important reality is that one is in the family of Jesus Christ.
  • It is not given to absolve one from the responsibility to make decisions

When Can a Blessing Be Requested

When you are desirous of God’s Holy Blessing in your life, when you have sought God in prayer and in serious study of the Scriptures, then you may ask the Patriarch of your choosing to present you to God for your Patriarchal Blessing.

What Happens When the Blessing is Given

The candidate and the Patriarch set the time and place for the blessing. The setting should be a place conducive to worship, apart from noise and confusion. The two expect to meet God there.

The Patriarch and the candidate will share a short time together preparing their hearts and minds for the special prayer of blessing. The Patriarch will place his hands upon the head of the candidate and offer a prayer to God, then speak in counsel to the candidate.

The Patriarch will record the Blessing. Later the Blessing will be transcribed and reviewed by the Patriarch. The Blessing will then be printed and the original copy will be given to the candidate. A copy will be placed in the archives of the Patriarchs.

Patriarch Evangelists Active in the Conference

Fred Greene
(972) 276-3398

Jerry Vickery
(573) 491-3743

Ron Smith
(641) 784-6473

Dan Sherer
(816) 726-3457 (c)

Sherman Phipps
(641) 442-5553

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Additional items may be downloaded from the Patriarch's Library, including adult studies for use in either family and small group settings, which are intended to strengthen families.