Word of the Lord

“My Presence Shall Be Felt Among My People”
A message given through Apostle Donald O. Chesworth, April 1969
 (Member of the RLDS Quorum of Twelve Apostles 1950 – 1972)

Just as I spoke to My servants of old, I am willing to speak now and make known My will, when My people come before Me in humility and seek Me in faith – seek Me in the simplicity of a little child; and when I speak, believe My words. Come even now to My throne and listen.

I know the shadows look deep around you, but can’t you see My face through the clouds? I am smiling upon My covenant people, that they may know the warmth of My love. Know ye that just as I stood in the fiery furnace with Shadrach, Meshach and Abed-nego, and they were freed from their bonds and came out without even the smell of fire upon their garments, even so will I be with My people today.

Many of you feel that you have been tossed right into the fiery furnace because of the conditions that surround you on every hand, but you are failing to recognize My blessings. Your eyes are on the fiery furnace – or in other words, the darts of Satan that he has sent forth in a mighty whirlwind. My promises are true, and have I not said that even in these very days you are living in, Satan would have power over his own? But I would have power over My people. Shadrach, Meshach and Abed-nego kept their faith and trust in Me; and even if their lives had been taken, they would have come to Me rejoicing – and the victory would still have been theirs.

I know that flesh is weak, and therefore I am very merciful, but I would instill in My people perfect faith and confidence in Me, and in the words I speak. Seek Me often. When My children come before Me, My ears are open to their pleas, and I would like to speak in comforting words and in counsel. It is needful that you keep your lives clean and pure, and that you keep My commandments. Keep alert to your opportunities to do good.

I am not a harsh taskmaster. I am harsh only against sin and evil, and things that destroy. Seek Me often and speak freely, and I will speak peace to your souls. I am not come to destroy, but to set you free.

Do not trifle with My words. The arm of flesh has failed you and the wisdom of men is fast sinking into oblivion – sinking to rise no more. Henceforth My voice will guide the people of My choice, and the wisdom that comes from above will be plainly manifest. So great will be the contrast, that you will wonder how you ever could have listened for a moment to the other.

I planned without a mistake, for My wisdom is perfect, and My love is beyond comprehension. You should have listened always to My voice, and when men veered from My blueprint, given plainly in My Word, you should have refused to follow, maintained your integrity, and pleaded My cause before the throne. This, many of you have done to the best of your ability, and it is for your benefit, and to comfort you, that I now speak. Truth will be freed from bondage and will sweep the earth as I have told you, lo these many years.

You feel that you have struggled against all odds to overcome, but as My Spirit is poured out upon you, in greater abundance than you have ever known, the shackles of sin will be broken, righteousness will abound in your midst, and Zionic conditions will be established, [so much so] that you will embrace one another in My great love.

Many of your hearts are pure before Me. Your prayers will be answered, and My angels will indeed be in your midst, to bring light and understanding and to assist in your labors. Labor for Zion in all you do. Cast out selfishness far from you and remember that all My children are precious in My sight. Be willing to minister and do good to all who are brought within your reach. Ask that My Spirit will bless your work. My power is in your midst!

The enemy is strong, and his forces are combined; but My strength is greater, and My forces are being gathered together rapidly. There are glorious victories coming for the army of the Lord!

This is the closing hour for the enemy. He has invaded the land of Zion and polluted it, until My people are fearful. To you he seems to have wound those silken cords and spread his net, until there is no way to escape. Even though I have told you the way is opening, you still ponder in your hearts; but it will come speedily.

Even as the lightning flashes and lightens up the whole world as it spreads from one end of heaven to the other, and your eyes are momentarily blinded by the brilliance, so shall My presence be felt among My people, and My power wielded in their behalf. In a much shorter time than you expect, the land of Zion will be cleansed. My Temple will be builded and My servants sanctified and sent out to gather in the harvest, even as I planned from the beginning.

I cleanse by mighty power, but also by mighty power I protect and provide for My people. Know this, I am never taken unaware. What happens to you as great dangers, were planned and provided for, even before the earth was born; and My people need have no fear. Even the severe trials many of you have passed through are but the cleansing process that has drawn you closer to Me, and purged your lives of the dross that could not enter into My Kingdom.

Again I say unto you, be encouraged, and listen for My voice as it enlightens your minds and gladdens your hearts, and brings peace to your souls. Many of you will see the angels and converse with them; dreams and visions will increase; prophecies and tongues will be given – for I have much to give and many blessings to bestow. Be faithful and obedient, and rest assured in My love for you and in My care, and I will provide.

My son, that thou shouldst not walk without light, I give you this morning to prepare yourself, and as many as will listen and give heed to that which you will say to them in regard to the things which will soon transpire on the earth. I warn you that you shall not be caught unaware; but more that you shall believe and be strengthened, for your faith must be made equal to the day in which you will be required to use it.

In the immediate future you shall see much bloodshed in the streets of this nation. The government shall be shaken to its very foundation and appear to be fallen, but I will preserve it for the sake of My people and Zion, for My will shall be done. Many problems shall vex the nations, economically, physically, and financially. There will be disasters, especially on the West Coast, where their cup of iniquity is full and running over. Prepare yourselves in righteousness and seek through faith to endure the storms which shall soon descend upon you. Prepare in all ways that seem wise to you, with much prayer.

My church is fast approaching such a condition that I must bring to naught their clever schemes for the destruction of My Church by Satan. Seek to strengthen others. Be not dismayed by the events soon to come. Stand true and faithful, and I will stand with you.