Apostolic Declaration

June 3, 2017

The following document was developed by the Quorum of Restoration Apostles in June 2017. It
serves as a mission statement for us by defining the parameters within which we understand we
have authority. We sense a mantle of authority has rested upon us in this office and our desire is
to serve faithfully in that calling and no further.

This series of declarations is also designed to help the Saints, both who support and do not
support the Joint Conference of Branches, to understand the role of the apostolic office as it
relates to the JCRB. Perhaps this document will help calm some concerns and encourage the

Declaration 1
We recognize that within the Restoration Movement, the terms “apostle” and “apostolic quorum”
traditionally are associated with the support of a formal church structure and a formal hierarchy
of priesthood. The Quorum of Restoration Apostles, which was officially organized April 8,
2017, in Independence, Missouri, following the Joint Conference of Restoration Branches
(JCRB) General Conference, is unique among all other apostolic quorums that exist in the
Restoration Movement.

This quorum did not arise out of a formal church structure and it does not anticipate a formal
church structure through the JCRB in the future. The formal, documented position of the JCRB
states the conference is a continuation of the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day
Saints (RLDS) church. It is not the sole or unique continuation of the RLDS church (see JCR
46). Thus, we recognize there are other legitimate expressions of that tradition and authority, and
until the Lord speaks otherwise, neither the JCRB nor this Apostolic Quorum make a claim to
final authority within the Restoration.

The organization of this Apostolic Quorum does not invalidate any other priesthood held in any
other Restoration group. We are responding to the call of God to us and are seeking to faithfully
carry out the stewardship God has granted us for His glory.

Declaration 2
We do not believe that a First Presidency may be organized, or a Prophet to the church
designated at this time. We acknowledge the position of the JCRB (see JCR 55) that while
Wallace B. Smith still lives, “no one else can name a successor to the Presidency of the High
Priesthood.” We believe in the doctrine of lineal descent in priesthood as described in
Restoration Scripture and outlined by the Reorganization in A Word of Consolation to the
Scattered Saints in 1853.

Declaration 3
We believe that the revelation which called for the ordination of apostles has charged the
apostles with the duty of striving to help bring unity among the people of the Restoration,
especially those Saints who have come from the RLDS tradition. Therefore, a significant part of
the testimony of this quorum will continue to be the need for every member and organization of
the Restoration Movement to work together for the common cause of preparing for the coming
of the Lord Jesus Christ. We are dedicated to continuing to find ways that we can labor together.
Within the various elements of the scattered of the Restoration are spiritual gifts and talents
necessary to the mission of carrying the gospel into all the world and to the House of Israel. We
recognize and honor the work of God through all of these parts of the Restoration.

Declaration 4
We believe that the apostolic witness is essential for the day in which we live. The calling of an
apostle at this time within the JCRB is an indication the Lord desires a positive and bold witness
of the Lord Jesus Christ for our day and age. The apostolic witness is a manifestation of the
collective response of the body of Saints to bear witness of Jesus Christ and the gospel that He
has restored.

When Moses was on Mount Sinai, some of the men that were with him complained that within
the camp of Israel there was prophesying among the people. Moses told them not to be worried
and said, “would God that all the Lord’s people were prophets, and that the Lord would put his
Spirit upon them” (Numbers 11:29). And in Revelation 19:10, we are instructed that the spirit of
prophecy is the testimony of Jesus Christ. Thus, the presence of ordained apostles is a call to the
Saints to be witnesses of Christ and is a reminder of the necessity of providing testimony to be
proclaimed in all the world

Declaration 5
We believe that the apostolic quorum is a necessary augmentation of the mission work begun in
the Quorum of Restoration Seventy. The Apostles are called to bear the planning, budgeting and
administrative duties of the missionary work. Under the direction of the Apostles, the Seventy
are freed to be more effective witnesses of the gospel.

Declaration 6
We recognize the role of an Apostolic Quorum in providing leadership and stability to the Saints
in the absence of a First Presidency. We are dedicated to seeking the wisdom of the Lord to
know how to fulfill this responsibility on behalf of the JCRB, as indicated in the April, 2016,

Any presidential responsibilities of the Quorum of Apostles on behalf of the Saints is a
temporary, or interim responsibility. We continue to hold, as an organization, to the principle of
lineal priesthood descent and recognize that the priesthood structure of the church is not
complete in the absence of a First Presidency and a legitimate, divinely authorized occupant of
the office of Prophet and President of the church.

The role of being a Second Presidency is a help to the church and is not a precursor to the
completion of a formal ordering of the church. Furthermore, the role of the Apostolic Quorum as
a Second Presidency cannot be undertaken without due regard to the authority and calling of the
Third Presidency, which is found within the Quorum of Seventy.

Our presidential authority and responsibilities are, we believe, limited at this point. We do not
seek, nor will we support, efforts to extend these responsibilities past those basic and necessary
permissions identified in the Doctrine and Covenants, Section 104.

The Quorum of Restoration Apostles:
Gary R. Whiting
Randy Vick
Kent Pedersen
Doug Patterson
Hugh Caldwell
Rex Curtis
David Drummond
Patrick McKay
Avilio Herrera