Study Materials

This list of materials is offered to encourage study by the Saints. Opinions expressed belong to those authoring the materials. If you are authoring items you would like to contribute to our website, please contact the webmaster.

Materials Available for Download

7 Years Tribulation (9 parts)Video Presentation in class formatBenji Pederson
Book of Mormon EvidencesIndividual ArticlesFrank Frye

Establish Your Heart
Scripture-based study on defending against the practices of SatanBetty Vickery
House of Israel (8 Lessons)Individual studies on many topics; designed for use in class or family settingsVerneil Simmons
Lectures on FaithPhoto Copies (also available on-line from scriptures page)Joseph Smith, Jr., Olivery Cowdery, Sidney Rigdon & F.G. Williams
Life After DeathSlides, Chart and Lesson QuestionsJames Noland
Pre-Baptismal Class ManualsPre-baptismal Course (Includes Both Teacher and Student Manuals)Chari Pedersen
Restoration Beliefs - Comparing the Restoration to Other CreedsPowerPoint and HandoutKerry Lancaster
Study Materials for Strengthening the Discipleship of the SaintsIndividual studies on many topics; designed for use in class or family settingsFred Greene
Study Materials for WomenIndividual studies on many topics; designed for use by women's groups, large and smallRWM Committee Members
The People of Zion (5 Parts)Video Presentation in class formatBenji Pederson
Times of the Gentiles (4 Parts)Teaching with Visual AidsBenji Pederson
Youth LessonsAges Nursery - JuniorEducation Committee; various authors

Materials Listed by Keyword

Key WordsTitle/LinkSourceMediumLength
Agency Free Moral Will Or AgencyEvan A. FryAudio18 Min
Agency Equality Through AgencyEvan A. FryAudio19 Min
AgencyForeknowledge and Free ChoiceRon SmithVideo8 Min
ApostacyThe Apostasy and the KingdomEvan A. FryAudio11 Min
ApostacyApostacyBob BobbittPower Point
AtonementWhat Is The Atonement?Evan A. FryAudio16 Min
BaptismBaptism The Door To The KingdomEvan A. FryAudio18 Min
BaptismThe Second BirthEvan A. FryAudio21 Min
BaptismAnd Now Why Tarriest Thou?Evan A. FryAudio17 Min
Book of MormonThe Bible Promises Other SripturesEvan A. FryAudio23 Min
Book of MormonChrist's Other SheepEvan A. FryAudio21 Min
Book of MormonOur American ScripturesEvan A. FryAudio17 Min
Book of MormonWhy Believe The Book Of Mormon?Evan A. FryAudio19 Min
Book of MormonBook Of Mormon EvidencesEvan A. FryAudio21 Min
Book of MormonBook Of Mormon WitnessesEvan A. FryAudio20 Min
Book of MormonBook Of Mormon DoctrinesEvan A. FryAudio17 Min
Book of MormonSpiritual And Ethical Levels Of The Book Of MormonEvan A. FryAudio22 Min
Book of MormonWho Closed The Canon Of Scripture?Evan A. FryAudio19 Min
Book of MormonBook of Mormon Challenge BookmarkBook of Mormon FoundationText2 Pages
Book of MormonI Nephi 3 Study GuideBook of Mormon FoundationText3 Pages
Book of MormonCovenants References in the Book of MormonRay & Mary Lee TreatText10 Pages
Book of MormonScriptural WarfareRay & Mary Lee TreatText8 Pages
Book of MormonInternal evidence in the Book of MormonBob BobbittPower Point
Book of MormonExternal evidence in the Book of Mormon (coming soon)Bob BobbittPower Point
Book of MormonRestored Truths in the Book of MormonBob BobbittPower Point
Book of MormonBook of Mormon StudiesThelona D. StephensText188 Pages
Book of MormonSurvey of Covenants and Principles of the Book of MormonRay & Mary Lee TreatText43 Pages
Book of MormonThe Call - Study Guide to the Purpose of the ChurchBook of Mormon FoundationText4 Pages
Book of MormonBook of Mormon Plates and RecordsJohn D. WelchPdf1 Page
Book of Mormon storyThe First AmericansHenry AndersonCartoon46 Pages
Book of Mormon storyLehi Obeys God’s CommandsDebby TaylorPdf41 Pages
Book of Mormon storyAn Introduction to the Book of MormonThelona D. StephensText30 Pages
Book of Mormon; Gospel#46 What does the Book of Mormon teach?Michael Barrett; Cory StarkPodcast1:00:23
ChurchThe Body Of ChristEvan A. FryAudio19 Min
ChurchWhat Became Of Christ's Church?Evan A. FryAudio21 Min
ChurchChrist‘s Church and the KingdomEvan A. FryAudio13 Min
ChurchI will build my churchBob BobbittPower Point101 slides
ChurchRestorationBob BobbittPower Point
ChurchThe Body of Christ (coming soon)Neil SimmonsPower Point36 Slides
ChurchPriesthood and Lineage Genetically ProvenText1 page
ChurchPriesthood…in the New Testament?...Today?Text8 pages
ChurchTen ways the Book of Mormon defines "The Church"Text1 page
ChurchThe church-Class handouts from Elder Jim RobbinsText4 pages
Church HistoryOur Church’s Story 1830-1860Henry AndersonCartoon35 Pages
Church HistoryOur Church’s Story 1846-1946Henry AndersonCartoon46 Pages
Church HistoryHow the Plates of the Book of Mormon Were TranslatedDelbert D. SmithText36 Pages
Class OverviewIntroductionBob BobbittHtml5 Pages
Conversion#64 Hit by a Semi truck?Michael Barrett; Cory StarkPodcast0:46:04
CovenantThe Purpose of the Restoration MovementBook of Mormon FoundationText22 Pages
CreationPrinciples of CreationNeil SimmonsPower Point17 Slides
DoctrineA Few Problesm with the RaptureText2 pages with links
DoctrineDC Section 76: A Description of Eternity or the Millenium?Text2 pages with links
DoctrineDid the Old Testament Prophesy of Jesus?Text10 pages
DoctrineDoes the Bible really teach "The Rapture." As the World Believes it?Text2 pages with links
DoctrineGospel Essentials Granted According to our DesiresText3 pages
DoctrineGospel Essentials: Judged by our WorksText2 pages
DoctrineI all I have to do is believe then, why do the scriptures require so man other things?Text1 page
DoctrineInspired Version of Bible: A Revision? Or Revelation!Text2 pages with links
DoctrineWhat Happens if I'm trying to follow God but sometimes I still do stupid things?Text3 pages
doctrineWhat is the Holy Ghost?Text
Doctrine and CovenantsContemporary ScripturesEvan A. FryAudio18 Min
Eternal JudgmentJudgment Is EternalEvan A. FryAudio18 Min
Eternal JudgmentEternal JudgementNeil SimmonsPower Point23 Slides
FaithDoes My Belief Matter?Evan A. FryAudio14 Min
FaithFaith The Way To Salvation  (Remake)Evan A. FryAudio14 Min
FaithOur Standard Of BeliefEvan A. FryAudio21 Min
FaithThese Signs Shall FollowEvan A. FryAudio18 Min
FallMan His Nature And DestinyEvan A. FryAudio18 Min
GeographyBook of Mormon Geography IAric TurnerVideo60 Min
GeographyBook of Mormon Geography IIAric TurnerVideo69 Min
GodOur Belief In GodEvan A. FryAudio21 Min
GodOur Belief In ChristEvan A. FryAudio18 Min
GodOur Belief In The Holy GhostEvan A. FryAudio17 Min
GodThe Glory Of God Is IntelligenceEvan A. FryAudio14 Min
GodIs there a GodBob BobbittPower Point113 slides
GospelGospel ClassesCorey StarkText70+ Classes
GospelEvan A. Fry Radio SermonsEvan A. Fry, Houston HobartText25 Sermons
GospelMissionary SermonsManyAudio65 Sermons
GospelWhat difference does the gospel makeBob BobbittPower Point90 slides
GospelCome unto Christ Scripture listNeil SimmonsText5 Pages
Gospel#1 Beyond the veilMichael Barrett, Corey StarkPodcast0:54:59
Gospel#10 BeliefMichael Barrett, Corey StarkPodcast57:37
Gospel#11 Blood of ChristMichael Barrett, Corey StarkPodcast54:36
Gospel#12 Blood, Grace, WorksMichael Barrett, Corey StarkPodcast0:32:02
Gospel#13 Grace, and defining works, what are we really saying?Michael Barrett, Corey StarkPodcast0:53:54
Gospel#14 Works, the Law, grace, "the Jews" in America's perspectiveMichael Barrett, Corey StarkPodcast0:55:15
Gospel#15 Last Words- Grace vs worksMichael Barrett, Corey StarkPodcast0:51:35
Gospel#17 It isn't a problem till it is-changed heart Michael Barrett, Corey StarkPodcast1:00:28
Gospel#18 Alma 16 ep 1--Same lies go round and roundMichael Barrett, Corey StarkPodcast0:46:46
Gospel#19 Alma 16 ep 2--Patterns of evil-pride in being better than othersMichael Barrett, Corey StarkPodcast1:04:29
Gospel#2 HomeMichael Barrett, Corey StarkPodcast0:54:02
Gospel#20 Alma 16 ep 3 part 1-- The word we plant in our heartMichael Barrett, Corey StarkPodcast0:43:11
Gospel#22 Alama 16 ep 3 part 2--The tree, the vision, the SonMichael Barrett, Corey StarkPodcast0:39:11
Gospel#32 Decompression - deep breathsMichael Barrett, Corey StarkPodcast1:02:45
Gospel#33 I'm not special and it feels amazing! WorshipMichael Barrett, Corey StarkPodcast1:01:13
Gospel#34 The Rest of the Story part 1Michael Barrett, Corey StarkPodcast1:21:37
Gospel#35 Finding hope in…the Rest of the Story Part 2Michael Barrett, Corey StarkPodcast1:01:28
Gospel#36 Testimony of a Jew who saw Jesus…The Rest of the Story part 3Michael Barrett, Corey StarkPodcast1:01:11
Gospel#37 Lost wallets, collect calls, who is God?Michael Barrett, Corey StarkPodcast1:06:25
Gospel#4 ProphecyMichael Barrett, Corey StarkPodcast0:59:40
Gospel#41 Eternal life and vulnerabilityMichael Barrett, Corey StarkPodcast2:13:00
Gospel#43 What do we value?Michael Barrett, Corey StarkPodcast1:06:20
Gospel#5 Freedom part 1Michael Barrett, Corey StarkPodcast1:03:45
Gospel#51 My work, God's workMichael Barrett, Corey StarkPodcast1:01:48
Gospel#52 The rafters and the architectMichael Barrett, Corey StarkPodcast0:52:11
Gospel#54 Where else can I go?Michael Barrett, Corey StarkPodcast1:00:58
Gospel#6 Freedom part 2Michael Barrett, Corey StarkPodcast1:03:46
Gospel#8 The FallMichael Barrett, Corey StarkPodcast0:57:05
Gospel#9 Coming backMichael Barrett, Corey StarkPodcast54:28
GospelAll Things NewText4 pages
GospelBaptism in the King James BibleText5 pages
GospelBook of Mormon assignmentsTextOne page
GospelBook of Mormon plates and sourcesTextOne picture
GospelBook of Mormon StudyTextQuite long
GospelBy what does salvation come?Text6 pages
GospelDid the Apostle Paul really keep the Law of Moses after his converstion?Text3 pages
GospelFall from Grace?Text2 pages with links
GospelFurther study on baptismText4 pages
GospelGrace vs. WorksText6 sections
GospelImprove your study skillsTextOne page
GospelJesus as ChiasmText41 pages
GospelRLDS Quick Link: Repentence and BaptismText10 pages
GospelSexuality and ScriptureTextMultiple sub topics- longer
GospelSummary of Grace and WorksText1 page
GospelThe Plan of SalvationTextOne page
GospelThe Restoration: Joseph Smith tells his own storyText8 pages
GospelThe Restoration: What did the prophets say?Text6 pages
GospelThe Restoration: What did the reformers say?Text4 pages
GospelThe Restoration: What was "restored"Text1 page
GospelThe Restoration: Why was it needed?Text1 page
GospelThe Restoration: The grove experience a critics wordsText2 pages with links
GospelTwenty Facts about Grace and WorksText2 pages with links
GospelWho is Jesus?Text12 pages
GospelWhy "Faith Alone" for salvation?Textone page
GospelWhy Baptism?Text4 pages
GospelWorks in the King James BibleText3 pages
GovernmentGod And GovernmentEvan A. FryAudio22 Min
HistoryChurch History SearchCorey StarkSearch EngineN/A
Home MinistryHabitations of a Righteous HomeMount Ayr Restoration BranchPrint48 Pages
IsaiahA few Thoughts Concerning IsaiahT. Royal NunText232 Pages
JesusThe Christ of the Old Testament Evan A. FryAudio21 Min
Jesus Jesus Lives!Evan A. FryAudio20 Min
JesusJesus The Way And The TruthEvan A. FryAudio13 Min
JesusJesus The Lamb Of GodEvan A. FryAudio13 Min
JesusJesus The Savior Of The WorldEvan A. FryAudio13 Min
JesusLife and Ministry of JesusBob BobbittPower Point90 slides
Jesus Christ#60 Where did the word God come from?Michael Barrett; Cory StarkPodcast1:03:01
Jesus Christ#61 The Mystery Part 1Michael Barrett; Cory StarkPodcast1:03:32
Jesus Christ#62 The Mystery Part 2Michael Barrett; Cory StarkPodcast0:50:07
Joseph Smith#53 The fruit or the man?Michael Barrett; Cory StarkPodcast0:57:06
Kingdom of GodGreat God Our KingEvan A. FryAudio13 Min
Kingdom of GodWhat Is The Kingdom?Evan A. FryAudio3 Min
Kingdom of GodIsrael And The KingdomEvan A. FryAudio13 Min
Kingdom of GodChrist And The Kingdom Of IsraelEvan A. FryAudio13 Min
Kingdom of GodThe Kingdom WithinEvan A. FryAudio12 Min
Kingdom of God The Heavenly KingdomEvan A. FryAudio11 Min
Kingdom of God The Kingdom of God on EarthEvan A. FryAudio10 Min
Kingdom of God The Present KingdomEvan A. FryAudio13 Min
Kingdom of God The Future KingdomEvan A. FryAudio13 Min
Kingdom of God Subjects of God's KingdomEvan A. FryAudio13 Min
Kingdom of God Heirs Of The KingdomEvan A. FryAudio12 Min
Kingdom of God Bringing Forth The KingdomEvan A. FryAudio13 Min
Kingdom of God Building Up The KingdomEvan A. FryAudio12 Min
Kingdom of God Seeking First The KingdomEvan A. FryAudio12 Min
Kingdom of God The Life of the KingdomEvan A. FryAudio12 Min
Kingdom of God The Keys of the KingdomEvan A. FryAudio13 Min
Kingdom of God The Householder And The Hired ServantEvan A. FryAudio13 Min
Kingdom of GodThe Kingdom WayRon SmithText10 Slides
Kingdom of GodKingdom Way WorkbookRon SmithPdf14 Pages
Life after DeathLife after DeathNeil SimmonsPower Point29 Slides
Life after DeathLife after DeathJim NolandPdf6 classes
Life after Death#23 Eternal life ep1--Strict in the plain roadPodcast1:09:36
Life after Death#24 Eternal Life ep 2--The story continuesPodcast1:04:04
Life after Death#26 Eternal Life ep-The Keeper of the gate, and father's advice to his sonPodcast0:55:58
Life after Death#27 Eternal Life ep4--Restoration, redemption, a time to repent: Fatherly advice continuesPodcast0:49:45
Life after Death#28 Eternal Life ep 5- conversation on the beliefs surrounding what happens when we diePodcast0:58:36
Life after Death#29 Eternal life ep 6-Glories and Final ThoughtsPodcast1:15:54
MarriageThe Christian Ethics Of MarriageEvan A. FryAudio19 Min
Nature of GodOne, two, three, GodRon SmithVideo12 Min
Nephites in North America#49 Dubious origins or cover up? Michael Barrett; Cory StarkPodcast1:00:45
Nephites in North America#50 The Great Cover Up- Hebrew in AmericaMichael Barrett; Cory StarkPodcast1:03:29
Polygamy#55 Listener questions- gentiles/polygamyMichael Barrett; Cory StarkPodcast0:48:00
PriesthoodBearers Of Christ's AuthorityEvan A. FryAudio18 Min
ProphecyWas Joseph Smith A Prophet?Evan A. FryAudio18 Min
ProphecyThe Voice Of WarningEvan A. FryAudio19 Min
ProphecyGood Will To MenEvan A. FryAudio21 Min
Prophecy-Gospel#1 Final Prophecy- Before you beginTextone topic
Prophecy-Gospel#10 Final Prophecy - The Gospel comes to GentilesText5 sub-topics
Prophecy-Gospel#11 Final Prophecy - The Jews begin returning to IsraelText1 sub-topic
Prophecy-Gospel#12 Final Prophecy - The Gentiles reject the GospelText5 sub-topics
Prophecy-Gospel#13 Final Prophecy - The Choice LandText6 sub-topics
Prophecy-Gospel#14 Final Prophecy - Joseph's Words Return a Second TimeText1 sub-topic
Prophecy-Gospel#15 Final Prophecy - The Rise of Joseph-The Gospel Returns to IsraelText1 sub-topic
Prophecy-Gospel#16 Final Prophecy - A City Built - The New JerusalemText5 sub-topics
Prophecy-Gospel#17 Final Prophecy - The Jews Return to the MessiahText1 sub-topic
Prophecy-Gospel#18 Final Prophecy - The gathering of the NationsText4 sub-topics
Prophecy-Gospel#19 Final Prophecy - Two JerusalelemsText4 sub-topics
Prophecy-Gospel#2 Final Prophecy-The BeginningText13 sub-topics
Prophecy-Gospel#20 Final Prophecy- The End of the AgeText7 sub-topics
Prophecy-Gospel#21 Final Prophecy - Last WordText1 sub-topic
Prophecy-Gospel#3 Final Prophecy - The first covenantsTextone topic
Prophecy-Gospel#4 Final Prophecy - The Covenants Fulfillment in the Last DaysText5 sub-topics
Prophecy-Gospel#5 Final Prophecy - The Falling away of IsraelText3 sub-topics
Prophecy-Gospel#57 Eyes, warnings, doctrine of ChristMichael Barrett; Cory StarkPodcast1:04:34
Prophecy-Gospel#6 Final Prophecy - The MessiahText9 sub-topics
Prophecy-Gospel#7 Final Prophecy - The Scattering of IsraelText3 sub-topics
Prophecy-Gospel#8 Final Prophecy - The Rise of GentilesText6 sub-topics
Prophecy-Gospel#9 Final Prophecy - Joseph's Words Initially Come ForthText1 sub-topic
Prophecy-GospelEthiopian Prophecy tells of Enoch's City Kebra NagastText2 pages with links
Prophecy-GospelThirty Weeks of study on the Final ProphecyTextQuite long
Prophecy; Plagues#56 Plagues, scourges, viruses, foundations, hopeMichael Barrett; Cory StarkPodcast0:58:10
RepentanceThe Processes of Repentance  (Remake)Evan A. FryAudio17 Min
RepentanceGrow Up Into Christ  Evan A. FryAudio19 Min
Restoration Movement#48 Restoration a noun or a verb?Michael Barrett; Cory StarkPodcast1:12:39
Restoration Movement#65 What was restored? Part 1Michael Barrett; Cory StarkPodcast1:00:03
Restoration Movement#67 What was Restored? Part 2Michael Barrett; Cory StarkPodcast1:05:27
Restoration Movement#68 What was Restored? Part 3Michael Barrett; Cory StarkPodcast1:07:32
ResurrectionThe Resurrection of the BodyEvan A. FryAudio22 Min
ResurrectionDid Jesus Rise from the deadBob BobbittPower Point45 slides
Resurrection#63 Resurrection Sunday-Hyis Heart Beats!!!Michael Barrett; Cory StarkPodcast0:56:55
ScriptureScripture SearchCorey StarkSearch EngineN/A
ScriptureThe Fullness Of The GospelEvan A. FryAudio15 Min
Second ComingJesus Is Coming SoonEvan A. FryAudio21 Min
Second ComingThe Millennial ReignEvan A. FryAudio18 Min
Spiritual GiftsThe Gifts Of Wisdom And KnowledgeEvan A. FryAudio19 Min
Spiritual GiftsGifts Of MiraclesEvan A. FryAudio19 Min
Spiritual GiftsGifts Of HealingEvan A. FryAudio18 Min
StewardsjipWhat Is Christian Stewardship?Evan A. FryAudio14 Min
StorybookThe People of AmmonJay DavisPdf33 Pages
StorybookThe Brass PlatesJ. Edward SlaughterPdf27 Pages
Testimony#16 Stories of the Saints- Zoey Blue GardPodcast1:03:10
Testimony#21 Stories of the Saints--Ed TurnerPodcast1:22:08
Testimony#25 Stories of the Saints - Cara SmithPodcast1:20:28
Testimony#3 Stories of the Saints - Adam GardPodcast1:32:32
Testimony#30 Stories of the Saints Andrea and Joseph AlanizPodcast1:13:05
Testimony#31 Stories of the Saints Mary Sue KennonPodcast1:09:38
Testimony#38 A friend from Cali part 1Podcast1:06:55
Testimony#39 Stories of t he Saints Part 1 Andrew Smith, Samuel Jordison, Jason CainMichael BarrettPodcast2:6:22
Testimony#40 Stories of the Saints Part 2 Andrew Smith, Samuel Jordison, Jason CainMichael BarrettPodcast1:05:05
Testimony#42 Stories of the Saints Aaron RhoadsMichael Barrett; Cory StarkPodcast1:14:36
Testimony#44 Stories of the Saints Louise Gregson Part 1Michael Barrett; Louise GregsonPodcast0:53:06
Testimony#45 Stories of the Saints Louise Gregson Part 2Michael Barrett; Louise GregsonPodcast1:21:31
Testimony#47 Stories of the Saints- Mark McCormickMichael Barrett; Mark McCormickPodcast1:17:25
Testimony#58 Stories of the Saints: Patrick McKay Sr. Part 1Michael Barrett; Patrick McKayPodcast0:53:05
Testimony#59 Stories of the Saints Patrick McKay Sr. Part 2Michael Barrett; Patrick McKayPodcast0:48:01
Testimony#7 Stories of the Saints- Jack HagensenPodcast1:01:16
Testimony#66 Stories of the Saints- James DibbenMichael Barrett; James DibbenPodcast1:05:56
Testimony Prophecy#69 Stories of the Saints- Andrew Smith DreamMichael Barrett Andrew SmithPodcast1:10:56
ZionImplementing Social RighteousnessEvan A. FryAudio20 Min
ZionThy Kingdom Come (Zion)Evan A. FryAudio19 Min
ZionGod’s Great GatheringThelona D. StephensText45 Pages