2024 General Conference

The conference this year takes place at Good Shepherd Community of Christ church, located at:
4341 Blue Ridge Blvd, Kansas City, MO 64133. There is a direct link to the conference schedule on the main menu of this website. There is also a link to the the live stream, that is “live” only when we are broadcasting.

Book of Mormon Briefs

The Book of Mormon invites those of us first to come into the truth to be the nursing mothers and fathers that labor to reclaim the offspring of God’s ancient covenant people, the Lamanites (& Nephites), who through the wandering of their forefathers were kept from a knowledge of the truth; the fullness of the gospel…

Come Unto Christ

In the 1960s the “Go Ye and Teach” series was developed to introduce people to the church. That resource has since been re-worked. The “Come Unto Christ” approach includes the “Plan of Salvation,” a composite of three classes: 1. Creation, Fall and Rebirth; 2. Life After Death; 3. Resurrections, Millennial Reign and Eternal Judgment. The next class is about the Body of Christ (the Church) that carries that message to the world. If you…