The Persecution of Parvez

About This Blog

Christians are under attack all over the world. We do not really comprehend the breadth and scope and impact of the persecution they face hourly. These Christians, who are attempting to live peaceably and simply teach and raise their families, often must do so in poverty, without peace or safety.

Those of us who live in relative peace and comfort may not be mindful of persons who every day must truly worry about their physical and emotional safety. They are in need of warriors, at prayer in their behalf. As we become truly aware of the circumstances faced by these brothers and sisters around the world, may we be inspired to do more than we think we can--to see that we answer God’s call of the “Great Commission” to  take God’s message of hope and salvation to the whole world. 

Parvez (not his real name) has given permission for his letters to be altered so the location and identity of his family may be concealed. We hope to give you a clear picture of his family, as they live under the constant threat and presence of persecution. We hope to reveal how that persecution affects a person’s emotional, physical and spiritual health--their walk with God.

Parvez's Stories: