The Heritage Series

A Common Heritage

Blog Posts by Patrick McKay, Sr.

The gospel restored in 1830, through the prophet Joseph Smith, Jr., has many heirs. Indeed, the roots of this gospel are spread throughout many denominations (factions) that can be defined as “the Restoration” – referring specifically to the latter day restoration of the gospel of Jesus Christ.

The Heritage Series, produced by Apostle Patrick McKay, attempts to gather common testimonies, shared history, personal observations and poignant commentary on our latter-day saint legacy, illustrating that God is and has been active in the lives of the saints in the various branches of the Restoration.

#155: The Key to Conversion

In the early days of the Restored Church the Book of Mormon was the “key to conversion.” Over and over again the early Saints testified of the power they felt as they heard about, saw, touched and handled the book. Often times the book itself was the messenger inviting the presence of the Holy Spirit…

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