When Joseph Smith, Jr. knelt in prayer to ask God which church to join (James 1:5), that act of faith opened the way for God to restore his church in these latter days. God then sent the angel Moroni to teach Joseph how to proceed, that Christ’s church might be restored to the earth as had been prophesied.

Things seldom considered by Joseph’s peers in the early 1800s came to be understood and accepted among the Saints in Joseph’s lifetime. This often resulted in condemnation and persecution from fellow Christians. These same beliefs and concepts which invited hostile criticism from Christians in Joseph’s day are now revered by many Christians of the 21st century. Terms like restoration, covenants, Zion, angel ministry, on-going revelation, and the gathering are being explored by many outside the Restoration. Clearly the Lord is working among many to bring them to an awareness of what He has already restored to the earth through the prophet Joseph Smith, Jr. and the Book of Mormon. Our hope is that all will choose to enter in at the strait gate and covenant to uphold the laws and statutes of God’s kingdom, many of which are explained in great detail within the pages of the Book of Mormon.

We, who participate in the Conference of Restoration Branches, invite you to contact us and learn more about what God has restored to the earth, and the covenant into which you are invited to enter. The time is short and many live unaware of the hope of salvation that Jesus Christ offers to every person. It is our ongoing mission to promote God’s Kingdom and to send missionaries throughout the world to declare, with joy, the tidings of salvation!