Ether’s Message for Our Time

The book of Ether shares the record of the Jaredite people for the 25 or so generations that they survived in the New World, but also includes many comments on their story by Moroni as he abridges the record. Both are helpful to us as we deal with the world in our times.

The Brother of Jared was known for his faith and the blessings that resulted from him crying unto the Lord, as the scriptures describe his prayer life. One article this month relates this story and the lessons we can learn about prayer for our lives.

Gary Whiting points out some of the ways that the story of the Jaredites dealing with their 334-day trip across the ocean can be useful to us today in our struggles with the Covid-19 virus. When we finally come to the point of overcoming this disease, will the world we live in be changed by how we have dealt with the virus? He poses this question for us.

Moroni points out in his contributions to the book of Ether that God can use our weakness to do great things. Jim Negaard challenges us to take this view of our weaknesses in his article “I Am Weak … and Isn’t It Wonderful!”

What was it like for the Jaredites from a physical standpoint as they made their way to the New World? Steven Smith ponders this question and comes up with some interesting projections on how the barges may have been built and what kind of provisions would be needed for the group to make their way across the ocean.

Patrick McKay Sr. provides a look at Thanksgiving and the heritage that the Pilgrim’s thankfulness to God has provided for this country. Also shared are two earlier groups in the New World and their expressions of Thanksgiving for what the Lord had done for them.

Finding ways to come to the Lord in repentance and working toward unity are shared in an article about
priesthood dealing with one another and a testimony from the Solemn Assembly held in September 2020.

Our columnists round out the issue with more insights to the book of Ether and other timely topics. And
don’t forget to try the tricrostic puzzle included in this issue.

We hope that this issue—as every issue—is a blessing to each of our readers. May the lessons found in the book of Ether provide you with help for your daily walk with the Lord.

— H. Alan Smith