2021 General Conference

“Where two or three are gathered together in my name, as touching one thing, behold, there will I be in the midst of them; even so am I in the midst of you” (D&C 6:15b). The Lord promises to be in our midst if we come together in His name.  

August 8-11, 2021 the Conference of Restoration Branches’ General Conference will again convene. We are coming together expecting to touch the one thing that is essential for our continuing spiritual health and well-being: the Spirit of Jesus Christ. He will be in our midst if we gather in the common desire to humbly worship Him and expand our love for one another. Click this link to learn more and to review the conference schedule.

A General Conference is just another meeting unless our Lord and Savior graces us with His presence, for He is the only reason we come together. This is a gathering of His people who are truly anxious to experience the healing presence and challenging direction of Christ in our lives. The themes for the conference relay our mutual concerns for the current time and our commission to establish Zionic conditions. The overall and daily themes of the conference are: We Are Called in The Latter Days to Be: A Voice of Warning (Sunday), A Voice of Consolation (Monday), A Voice of Inspiration (Tuesday), A Voice of Hope (Wednesday).   

These are developing into the most challenging times of our lives. We must now begin to be a voice calling others to the peace and joy of the presence of Christ; a voice reviving His Spirit among mankind and ushering in the cause of Zion. We invite you to join us August 8-11, 2021 for the Joint Conference of Restoration Branches General Conference. All are welcomed and no membership is required to join our ranks to worship and enjoy the spoken word for us today. Speakers at this conference will include familiar names such as Neil Simmons and Richard Neil. 

Hope to see you there.
Fred Greene, Patriarch/Evangelist