The Latter Day Saints’ Beacon

The Conference magazine, The Latter Day Saints' Beacon (also known as the Beacon), is published in the United States of America, and printed in two other nations - Nigeria and Brazil. Whenever possible it is carried into other nations, and passed between people there.

Mission Statement

This magazine is dedicated to proclaiming the gospel of Jesus Christ and bearing witness to the everlasting promises of God. Our intention is to inspire the Saints to walk faithfully in the name of our Savior, bearing fruit worthy of the Kingdom of God.

Beacon Library

Each issue, once opened, can be downloaded as a PDF,  or read in 3D Flipbook view, page-by-page. Once in Flipbook view, scroll to just beneath the magazine for the menu bar of options. If viewing in "full screen" view, use right and left arrows to turn the pages. Once done reading, press the "Esc" (escape) key on your keyboard to exit full screen view.

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Searchable Beacon Index

Since 2008 The Beacon has shared over 1,000 items on topics supporting the message of God's Kingdom. To assist you in searching for specific content, we now offer a searchable index. Once you have identified a specific volume, issue and page number, return to this page to open the desired volume/issue.

VolumeIssueYear PublishedView by Theme
112008The Light of the World
122009Let Nothing Separate Us
132009I Will Bless All Who Labor in My Vineyard
142009Standing Fast in the Liberty of the Lord
212009The Condescension of God
222010Zion Awaits
232010The Second Witness
242010Walking in the Right Way of the Lord
252010The Ordinances of God Part 1: Critical to the Life of the Church
262010The Ordinances of God Part 2: The Laying on of Hands
312010Rejoice in Christ
322011The Power of Worship
332011Are You Ready
342011Lively Stones
412011Jesus, the Extravagant Gift
422012The Voice of Warning
432012God Reveals Himself
442012The Ministry of Women
452012The Aaronic Priesthood
512012Behold, the Son of God Cometh
522013The Antiquity of the Gospel
532013Working Together for Zion
542013The Ministry of Reconciliation
552013Zion the Beautiful
612013Jesus Christ, the Son of God
622014With Eyes of Faith
632014Maintaining the Vision
642014The Old, Old Path
652014A Home Within the Wilderness
712014Let There Be Light
722015Uniting in Our Vision
732015Watch and Pray
742015The Everlasting Covenant
752015Tremendous Faith
812015A Merciful and Faithful High Priest
822016The Salt of the Earth
832016Transforming the World
842016The Family and Zion
852016Zion: a Principle, a People, a Place and a Promise
862016The House of Israel
912016Jesus the Messiah
922017The Power of Meekness
932017The Shepherd's Voice
942017The Disciple's Cross
952017The Gospel of Marriage
1012017The Love That Brings Us Together
1022018Challenged Beyond Our Comprehension
1032018Trust and Obey
1042018Nephi's Precious Book
1052018The Faith of Our Fathers
1112019Treasures in the Book of Mosiah
1122019Lord, Get Us Back on Track
1132019Freedom and Equality in Alma
1212020Helaman: The Footsteps of Great Men
1222020The Strait Gate
1232020A Call to Repentance
1242020The Faith of the Brother of Jared

How to Subscribe

Subscribe to The Beacon by calling (816) 252-1457 (USA), emailing beacon, or writing us at JCRB/Beacon, 1100 West Truman Road, Independence, MO 64050 (USA). Subscription requests may also be processed by private messaging us via our Facebook page.

Proposed Articles

Article proposals may be sent to (preferred) or mailed to us at  JCRB/Beacon, 1100 West Truman Road, Independence, MO 64050 (USA).

Short articles or testimonies (two or three paragraphs), may be scanned and attached to emails in portable document format (PDF). As much as possible, please adhere to Beacon submission guidelines, which describe preferred author standards for all content submitted.