This conference took place April 2-7, 2018 in Independence, MO/USA. Various areas of the world hold regional and national conference at other times during the year. Live-Streamed events are available for viewing from our U-Stream channel.

REMINDER: The General Conference is an unfunded event and paid for ONLY from contributions collected during the conference.

2018 General Conference Documents:

* To request copies of minutes from previous General Conferences, contact the current Conference Secretary, Alan Smith: secretary@ConferenceOfBranches.org.

General Conference Officers (2018-2019):

  • Sherman Phipps - President (Mt. Ayr)
  • David Whiting - Vice-President (At Large)
  • Alan Smith - Secretary (Gospel Park)
  • Nathan Sherer - Treasurer (Saints' Haven)
  • Doug Patterson - Recorder (Cross Timbers)

General Conference Committees (2018-2019):

  • Youth Activites (TBA, Chair)
  • Restoration Women's Ministries (TBA, Chair)
  • Publishing (Alan Smith, Chair)
  • Missionary Funding (David Newman, Chair)
  • Information Technology (Duane Newman, Chair)
  • Education Committee (TBA, Chair)
  • Credentials (Doug Patterson, Chair)
  • Books, Tracts & Periodicals (Gary Whiting, Chair)

General Conference Priesthood Quorum Leaders (2018-2019):

  • Apostles (Gary Whiting, President)
  • Seventy (Dan Norman, President)
  • High Priests ( Rob Rolfe,President) 
  • Elders (Jerry Skotak, President)
  • Aaronic (Carl Cederstrom, President)