2021 General Conference Documents

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General Information

Business Session Information

2.1  Order of Business (updated 8/6/21)
2.2  Minutes from April 18, 2019 (unapproved)
2.3  Order of Resolutions (updated 8/5/21)
2.4  2021 General Conference Budget (updated 8/7/21)
2.5  Proposed JCRB Annual Budget for FY2021-2022 (revised 8/10/21)
2.6  General Conference Committees and Appointments (updated 8/8/21)
2.7  Minutes from August 9, 2021 Business Meeting (approved as amended)
2.7  Minutes from August 10, 2021 Business Meeting (un-approved)

Reports and Letters

3.1 Reports (updated 8/10/21 - Seventy Report adds new paragraph)
3.2 Letters (8/5/21)


Guiding Resources

Conference Resolutions (Updated 4/23/19) General Conference Resolutions (JCRs)Resolutions
Rules and ResolutionsRLDS (1952 edition)Resolutions
Doctrine and CovenantsRLDS (through Section 144)Scripture
Book of MormonRLDSScripture
Holy ScripturesInspired VersionScripture
Parliamentary Procedures (rev. 2012)Rules of ProcedureProcedures