US National Conference

October 10-12, 2019
"We're Marching to Zion"

Come, ye that love the Lord...

The mission of the U.S. National Conference is to breathe revival into the Saints living within the United States; to strengthen their testimony, and to cast down the spirit of division that exists between people and Branches of the Restoration Movement.  We seek unity with our Brothers and Sisters, regardless of affiliation, in furthering the work of the Restoration of the House of Israel, and will do this by cultivating righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit, that the Kingdom of God may be alive among us.

The most recent US National Conference ended October 12, 2019. With an over-arching theme acknowledging our combined and individual efforts of marching toward Zion, daily sessions focused on expanding the way we love by focusing on long-suffering, goodness and meekness.

With five meals shared during this conference, and time built into the schedule for more fellowship than usual, many described this conference as "much needed time together."

Throughout the three days, small blessings were shared in the form of gifts being presented to those Branches sending delegates to the conference, as well as various individuals attending. These were intended to encourage members and branches on their journey to become Zion. The remarks introducing those gifts were emailed to those receiving them, or to the delegates who received them on behalf of the Branch.

Due to technical challenges that were experienced when attempting to stream events live, recorded sessions will need to be uploaded to the U-stream channel following the conference.

Questions for the Planning Committee

Q:  We loved the flags that you gave out to two of the Branches. Where can these be purchased from?
A:  Latter Day Banners: (435) 819-0192 or

Q:  The music played during the meditation time on Saturday morning was beautiful. Can I listen to those somewhere now that conference is over?
A:  They were Mormon Tabernacle Choir recordings streamed from YouTube. They included 1) Amazing Grace  2) I Am a Child of God  3) Love One Another  4) Consider the Lillies  5) A Child's Prayers  6) Homeward Bound.

Q:  Who do I thank for the "blessing" presented to me during the conference? Also, how was I chosen?
A:  A number of people worked to select the gifts. After times in the schedule were appointed for the drawings, names of members and branches were drawn, overseen by the Conference Recorder. "First ones to register","furthest distance traveled by a visitor" and "furthest distances traveled by members" were determined by the Recorder. Great thought was put into the presentation narrative for each gift, hoping truly to point to the themes and the journey for Saints endeavoring to "become Zion".

US Logistics Committee (2019-2020)

David WhitingPresident (Ohio)
Fred GreeneVice-President (Texas)
George BaldwinSecretary (Wisconsin)
Marilyn JamesTreasurer (Missouri)
Janice JordisonRecorder (Missouri)
Betty Vickery
Chris Taylor
Rob Rolfe
Sherman Phipps
Doug Patterson
Lisa Newman
Duane Newman
Wilynda Nelson
Patrick McKay
Miranda Kibbey
BJ Jordison
Allissa Hughes
Barbara Giertz
Rex Curtis

Credentials Committee (2019-2020)

New members and first-time Branches sending delegates to the conference need to be credentialed. Contact Registrar for more information.

Conference Recorder/Registrar
Janice Jordison