General Conference

The General Conference convenes annually (typically in April) in support of the mission of the Conference of Restoration Branches.  The Conference meets in Independence, Missouri (USA) and is open to all Restoration Branches whose members have been authoritatively baptized, and have presiding priesthood who have been authoritatively ordained.  Any Branch meeting this criteria may elect delegates or proxy delegates to represent them at the next scheduled General Conference and can do so by notifying the General Conference Recorder. To learn more, see the Eligibility and Participation Requirements page.

Baptized members not serving as a Branch delegate, but who want to attend the Conference, can register, be credentialed and then given voice and vote. Guests are also welcome to register and attend. Guests are invited to share in worship and fellowship, and to observe the business sessions.

Delegates are encouraged to brief the Branch they represented regarding any business conducted at the General Conference, including approved resolutions, and discuss any decisions made or actions taken during the General Conference business meetings. Members of the Branch can then reflect on how they might support those decisions, or bring suggested amendments to those decisionduring the next convened General Conference business meetings or quorum sessions.

General Conference Officers 2019-2020

Officers elected at the 2019 Conference serve up until the end of the 2020 General Conference. Email to each officer can be addressed to his office (like "secretary")

Current officers include:

Fred Greene

David Whiting

Ron Johnson

Rob Rolfe

Doug Patterson,

2019-2020 Logistics Committee

The Logistics Committee, who plan upcoming conferences, is comprised of General Conference Officers plus members elected at the 2019 Conference and others appointed by the Officers to assist. Current members include:

Levi Vickery
Chris Taylor
Lisa Newman
Duane Newman
Jan Jordison
BJ Jordison
Marilyn James
Allissa Hughes
Barbara Giertz
Betty Vickery
Wilynda Nelson
Miranda Kibbey
Sherman Phipps
Rex Curtis
Patrick McKay