We are currently hosting three blogs. The Persecution of Parvez, shares the modern day life story of a Christian living under constant persecution, even the threat of death, for being Christian. one man living in the shadows as a Christian in a country where that comes with threat of death. The other is a series of independent posts related to our shared heritage in the Restoration, The Heritage Series, shares the testimonies of Saints from many parts of the Restoration Movement.  Missionary Adventures,  shares the reports of the Apostles, Seventy and Traveling Elders laboring in your hometown and all around the world sharing the gospel that was restored through the Prophet Joseph Smith Jr. We hope these testimonies of struggle and blessing, will challenge and inspire you in your walk with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!

The Persecution of Parvez!

A young Christian man living in a Moslem world tells his own story of persecution

The Heritage Series

Testimonies & commentary of our shared latter-day saint legacy in the Restoration.

Missionary Adventures

The field is white, all ready to harvest! Reports from the mission field...