Becoming a servant of honor

Servants of Honor is a camp designed to help young people put into practice the principles of their faith in their daily walk. One of the ways the Conference supports creating servants of honor is through youth camps. Through classes, scripture study, service, living parables, and other activities, the youth will be challenged to explore their thinking and experience with Christ. This year we will be focusing on the tools we need to establish our hearts in faith.

Campers will have the opportunity to understand their relationship with Christ more fully, learn to pray more effectively, learn to give effective testimony and share in quality service to the community and fellow campers.

We would like to make the camp available to as many campers as possible including those who are not able to contribute the full cost of the camp. To that end, if any member, group, or branch would like to donate to the camp to help provide scholarships and meet expenses, donations may be made to the Heartland District Youth Fund specifically for that purpose.

Servants of Honor welcomes all youth who desire to be disciples of Christ.

To learn more, contact the Servants of Honor camp leaders. To register, download the forms and instructions.