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APRIL 2014

If you've been following the events of the Conference over the past six months, then you know we have been working to focus our thoughts around four specific areas of need: mission, family, youth and education.

We have been talking together, praying, strategizing and working side-by-side to invite conversations meant to encourage thinking about what the Saints would like to see and commit to over the next two years. Indeed, at our 2014 General Conference, we were able to bring these ideas together and make agreements as to what we will work on in an effort to bring about a good work throughout the world.

We hope you will support the Officers, volunteers and committee members elected to serve you during the 2014 General Conference. The tasks they have been asked to undertake are challenging, and involve huge investments of energy and time. Indeed, these individuals too often go unacknowledged yet continue to labor for the Lord and for the benefit of this conference.

We are looking for skilled volunteers to assist us in translating materials into languages other than english. If this is a skill you possess, please contact the chairman, or any member of the Education Committee. Is is our earnest desire to make progress in this area in the upcoming year(s).

Time grows short to be "about our Father's business". We pray you much success in your many stewardships - that you become skilled, practiced and effective in your servitude of a God who loves you deeply and invites all to come unto Him.


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