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April 12-18, 2015 - General Conference

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 Home     December 22, 2014  

The US National Conference ended Sunday (Oct. 12). It was an amazing conference on many levels, focusing on encouraging and strengthening families. Presentation after presentation called us to refocus our lives and our priorities around the goals of the Kingdom, urging us of the need to foster righteousness in our homes and relationships. In the closing service, the Lord reminded us of the import of these tasks and the need for due diligence in every home to remove those obstacles that prevent families from being successful and thriving in the way God intended.

In the weeks ahead, we will be working to get the presentations & sermons posted to the website, uploading presenter handouts and PowerPoints for you to peruse at your convenience. You will find links to these on the US conference web page as they become available.

As we now turn our attention toward other national conferences and the General Conference in (April) 2015, we encourage you to continue building on these topics in your homes and local Branches so we are united in steadfastly continuing toward the goals of the Conference and the Kingdom of God.


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